TOP 8 Best Truck Bed Organizers

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I used to always be a car guy, until a couple years ago when I got my first truck! Things changes since then. Of course I will always enjoy a good sports car, but it’s difficult to get past the usability, and functionality of a pickup truck.

Plus, with a good V8 under the hood, you can’t beat the exhaust note.

Having the truck bed in the back gives you so many possibilities of what you can use it for. Hauling dirt, camping, taking tools from and to job sites, and so much more.

However the one downside, is that it just becomes extremely difficult to organize the bed! What happens when you need to have a ton of tools, but still need to haul a dirt bike. What happens when you don’t want things rolling around in the back, but just can’t keep them in the cab.

That is where truck bed organizers come into play! Here are the best that I have found.

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1. DECKED Bed Organizers

[Image courtesy of DECKED]

This company is probably the most extreme of all the bed organizers I have found. It essentially fills the bottom of the bed with drawers, and leaves a huge flat space on top to keep other things you would normally haul like dirt bikes, bicycles, wood, garbage, etc, you know, truck things.

Many other bed organizers out there tend to take up a section of the bed, however with DECKED, it still gives you the full length and width of your bed (and even works with a Tonneau cover), but just takes up some of the depth, which doesn’t tend to be the concern of most people.

They even have bed organizers for new trucks like the Gladiator.

2. Cabela’s Wheel-Well Box

If you don’t need to take your organization to the extreme, this wheel-well box is an awesome alternative. The organizer fits in the dead space between the tailgate and the wheel well, and makes it a storage compartment.

When you need to gain access, you can just quickly swing it out to you, and open the lid.

At under $100 it’s as easy on the wallet, as it is to install and use it.

3. Truxedo Expedition All Truck Luggage – Bed Organizer/Cargo Sling

Truxedo is a great brand with some awesome products! I actually have one of their bed covers on my truck currently.

With that, they offer an awesome bed organizer! It basically spans the width of the bed, and creates a soft compartment in the bed to keep things from rolling around.

At a great price, it could be perfect for those that need temporary and removable storage in your truck bed.

4. UnderCover SwingCase Toolbox

Getting away from drab, dull and distressing colors for your truck bed has never been easier. SwingCase is a versatile tool that provides access to your storage area without having to climb inside.

Let’s face it – there’s not much fun in managing bulky items like camping gear when you have to battle with the back of the tailgate. Allows you easy access from any angle, simply pull out or swing over!

Utilizing three spring-assisted hinges that support up to 150 pounds, this sleek hard tonneau even stands upright on its own!

5. Cabela’s Weatherproof Truck/Cargo Box

This is an awesome alternative to a standard tool box that you see in most trucks! Instead of being a hard sided, heavy duty tool box, it instead offers a soft sided version of what you are familiar with.

It is weatherproof, and folds up easily when not in use!

6. Better Built Crossover Two Lid Truck Tool Box

Of course if none of these options above, you can always opt for the trusty tool box that you see regularly! It works for so many people out there, is heavy duty, durable and looks cool as well.

Walmart has a great option with the well priced Better Built series.

7. TruXedo – Truck Luggage Saddle Bag

Following the same theme as the other wheel well bed organizers earlier on this list, this is a TruXedo version! It’s main differentiating factor is its soft sided styling.

It looks great, and should be extremely usable!

8. Body Armor Roof Rack

While this is just for mid-size trucks like the Tacoma, I know there are others out there for the full-size truck as well.

This Body Armor roof rack fits on the back, over top of the truck bed. It gives space for all of the different things you may need to attach to it, and then allows you to still utilize the space inside of your truck bed.

I want one of these… badly.


Keeping your truck organized is important! No body wants your tools rolling around in the bed of your truck, and no one wants you to not be able to store everything you need in the truck.

These are all of the best truck organizers that I have found, and hope you agree!

Now… maybe a bull bar is next.

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