What Are The Different Types Of Camping?

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When you hear the word camping, your mind may jump straight to a tent in a field. However there are quite a few different ways you actually can camp, that doesn’t mean just using a tent and the ground.

So what are the the main different types of camping you will run into? The main types of camping are tent camping, “glamping”, car camping, and even biking camping, or hiking camping.

There are of course, many other types, however these are four unique options. All of these different options offer a wide variety of things to do, and reasons you may want to opt for that style of camping. Lets take a look at all the different types of camping!

1. Tent Camping

The traditional and still the most popular is tent camping. All you need is a tent and something to keep warm at night. You may have driven to the campsite and can carry some more equipment.

However, generally, tent camping is about simplicity. Having a shelter for the night that will keep you safe and dry from the elements.

How you decided to travel to the camp and whether you choose to stay in one place will depend on the amount and type of gear you can take on your adventure.

If you are looking to buy your first tent, you first want to think about what material you want to buy! We put together a very cool guide here at this link about this.

2. Car Camping

If you are camping for the first time or intend on staying in one place for more than a few nights, then car camping is the one for you. By taking your car to the campsite, you can carry a lot more gear than if your hiked or cycled to the camp.

You may have a big enough car to fit a mattress or seats that recline enough to make them comfortable to sleep on. However, generally, car camping refers to the transport you are using to get to camp instead of spending the night in your motor. 

Fun Fact: One of the most hated vehicles, the Pontiac Aztek, had an optional built in tent! It made camping incredibly easy.

3. Glamping 

Basically, glamping is a form of “glamorous” camping. If you like the idea of sleeping outside but cannot deal with the messy reality of setting up camp and being slightly more uncomfortable than you would at home.

Then you can treat yourself to the newer form of camping that is glamping. 

This will usually result in you turning up to a campsite to find a ready-made yurt or tent erected for your slumbering pleasure. They will often have a real bed or at least something more substantial than the floor mats you can take while tent camping. They may even have coffee makers!

Some would argue that glamping takes away all the fun of camping as part of the fun is that it takes you out of your comfort zone. However, if you want to experience what camping is, it is a good introduction without worrying about all the mess.

Glamping is an awesome way to get started with camping, and allows those that may not normally get out into nature a chance to enjoy it for themselves.

4. Bike Camping and Overnight Hiking Adventures

Bike camping is a fantastic adventure. By cycling between your camps, you can travel further and experience nature like no other form of transport.

As you will need to carry all the camping gear, you need to think long and hard about what is essential camping equipment. After a few days of constant cycling, every extra ounce adds up.

The same applies to overnight hiking adventures. Generally, you will need to carry everything you need on your back, and also keep an eye on the clothes you take (like hiking socks). So you have to be extra mindful about what you will need to survive and enjoy your hiking expedition.


Although cycling or hiking gives you a more immersive experience, it is not for everyone.

Honestly, the best type of camping depends on your needs and expectations for your holiday, as long as you enjoy yourself and fall in love with camping, who cares what you call it!