You Need A Camping Journal [What Is It, And Why?]

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If you are anything like me, you probably have gone on camping trips, or even vacations in general, and thought to yourself “I wish I had brought this one thing, I should definitely remember that next time!” You then promptly forget about it, and don’t have that exact thing yet again later on.

A camping journal is an awesome tool to not only allow you to remember things you should take with you on your next camping trip, but it also helps you remember memories, camping site amenities, and so much more.

Read on to learn more about why you may want to buy yourself a camping journal, and what it can do for you.

Logging memories

If you have ever thought about your past camping experiences, and realized that you just didn’t remember exactly how some of the aspects of it went. You probably have wished you kept better track of them.

A camping journal, regardless of which one you buy, should always have a spot in it to keep track of the fun memories you have had.

Then, whenever you have those people together again, you can open up your logbook together and relive those memories again, and plan for more!

Keeping track of amenities

Now to get a little more…utilitarian, a good camping journal should always keep track of amenities that each campsite you have had has.

This means things like restrooms, boat docks, beaches, hiking trails (by the way, here are some good trail socks as well) nearby, electricity hookups, and whatever else is something you consider necessary.

Having these details in the future, can help you make sure you remember to bring exactly what you need the next time you decided to visit this campsite.

Notes for future camping trips

Finally, keeping notes for future camping trips is crucial! Making sure you remember to bring a kayak next time, because the lake there is perfect for it. Or remembering to bring more propane for your camping stove, because there aren’t any gas stations nearby is a perfect thing to take note of.

Once you take enough of these notes, you can make sure you have the best experience possible, because you have logged all of the problems you have run into, and are able to avoid them. Making your future experiences that much better, every time.

Why is a camping journal better than taking pictures?

So why not just take pictures of everything to remember what to bring next time? Well, let’s be honest, how many times do you take pictures of something on your phone, and forget its there, or are not able to find them again when you need them.

Having a journal that achieves this is so much more fun, keeps track of things better, and let’s be honest… you are on your phone too much anyways.

More Reading

Which journal do I recommend?

After doing some hunting around, I personally think that this journal here is one of my favorites. It offers pre-titled areas for all the stuff we have talked about in this article, and more!

It even allows you to keep track of the campsite you were at, and then gives you a spot for a recommendation on which campsite you want in the future.


Having fun while camping is important! If you don’t have fun, you will do it less, meaning you won’t get outside as much. A camping journal just might be that perfect thing to keep enjoying the outdoors.