Are Coffee Tea Bags The Perfect Way To Drink Coffee While Camping?

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Camping is a ton of fun, and is a great way to get out and enjoy nature! However for those who enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning, it becomes a bit more of a difficult task to take that on the road, and to the campsite.

My new find of “coffee tea bags” might just be the best way to enjoy your coffee on the camping trip without the need for carrying coffee makers with you. The coffee tea bag works just like making a cup of tea, but it is coffee instead.

Evan’s Brothers Coffee Tea Bag

How to make the coffee

The process of making coffee with this method is extremely easy! You just boil water, place the coffee tea bag into a mug, and then pour hot water the mug. Then let it site for 1-2 minutes (to taste).

You make the coffee just like you do tea!

Once the brew process is done, you take the bag out of the hot water, and bam you have coffee! From there, you can prepare your coffee how you like it, or drink it black.

I will say, I brewed the bag I had for 1 minute like I do with my Aeropress, however I felt like it could have brewed for a bit longer once I was done.

What does it taste like?

No coffee brew method can really be recommended just based on ease of use, if it doesn’t result in a great cup of coffee.

Thankfully, in this case, with the coffee I had chosen by Evan’s Brothers, the coffee was extremely high quality, and full of flavor.

The coffee was a blend of chocolate and blackberry hints

Because of the brew process, it was a very clean cup that tasted as advertised, with a hint of blackberry, and just a little bit of chocolate.

I’ll be completely honest, most of the time, I have a hard time getting the taste that coffee makers advertise their coffees with. However with this one, you could really taste and smell the blackberry hints.

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So why is this so great for camping?

Now, while I tested this coffee out at home, it really would be perfect for camping! Why is this? Because you don’t need a coffee maker.

You can easily make a cup of coffee at a campsite, just as easily as hot chocolate or apple cider. Meaning, you really only need a way to heat some water and you are good to go!

Meanwhile most other portable coffee maker methods, still require a coffee maker, meaning you need to pack more things with you.

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Are coffee tea bags the future of portable and camp site coffee? I can’t really say. While it gives an awesome cup of coffee with an easy brew process, it doesn’t offer a ton of flexibility in your brew process either.

Regardless, you should find yourself a couple packets of these, and give it a try!