How To Keep Your Water From Freezing While Camping In the Winter

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While it may not be what most people consider a fun camping trip, some people actually do go camping in the winter! Outside of, you know, it just being cold, there is also an issue as to how to keep your much needed water from freezing, and becoming undrinkable when you need it most?

From my research, the best ways to keep your water from freezing while camping is to bury it in the ground, cover it with snow, keep it in your tent, or even to keep it on your person the whole time!

Let’s dig in, to see why each one may work for you! I have also listed them from easiest, to hardest to do.

Keep it on your person

While it isn’t the most comfortable for your to do, keeping water on your person, even when you are sleeping can stop your water from freezing. It also doubles as being easy to access when you want a drink.

Your body creates a lot of heat, and the coat or sleeping bag you are using traps that heat inside, so logic says if you keep the water there, it won’t freeze!

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Keep the water in your tent

If the last section isn’t an option for you, at least keeping your water within your tent with you is going to be the next best thing!

Just like a coat, your tent is going to be warmer than the outside because of your body heat, any possible heaters you may have, and just because it isn’t out in the elements.

Cover it with snow

While it may not make much sense, snow actually does act as an insulator (at least from what I have heard). Theoretically if you are in a pinch, you can dig down into the snow and bury your water there.

The insulation from the snow may just be enough to keep your water from freezing!

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Bury it in the ground

As the most difficult way to keep your water from freezing, burying your water under ground (not just under the snow), is going to be a last resort for most.

The ground is going to be one of the last places that will get extremely cold, meaning this will be the last place your water will freeze.

It just might be a bit more difficult… since the ground is going to be slightly frozen during the winter.

Other tips I found

  • Using a wide mouth water bottle is better, as the bigger threads are less likely to freeze.
  • Tip the water bottle upside down. This will make the bottom of the water bottle freeze first, making it easier to drink from the top.
  • Use an insulated water bottle. These water bottles won’t freeze quite as quickly!

More thoughts

The above options we have discussed are very much for the people who are trying to stay… as off-the-grid as possible! Obviously the easiest option is going to be to boil the water with a campfire, or using something like this campstove to keep water usable, even in the coldest of temperatures.


If you are venturing out to do some winter camping, make sure you are thinking ahead, and taking all precautions to keep hydrated! I hope some of these options will help you enjoy your winter camping more!