Here Are The Best Times Of The Year To Go Skiing

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I have spent a good portion of my life skiing, and have really enjoyed it! However finding the right time of the year to ski, is incredibly important! It can save you money, and money, or it it can give you the best experience possible.

What what is the best time of the year? The best time of the year, is late winter, when you can still get awesome snow, but can also get a great a great discount on lift tickets.

Of course there is a lot more to it, and you may find that late winter isn’t quite for you, so let’s take a look at some options, and find what is important for you.

Best things about late season

Skiing in the late season, would be considered from Late-March until you can no longer utilize the mountain any longer.

One of the biggest experience related things that makes the late season great, as Colorodo Ski Country Area says, is the fact that the snow is softer. For inexperienced skiers this means you are less likely to hurt yourself up on the mountain.

Another thing that is definitely a plus for late season skiing, is that most of the people have already left the mountain, leaving you with acres of ski area to enjoy almost on your own.

Sure, there is less powder, less new snow and all. However if you are a beginner or intermediate skier, this might just be the best time of the year for you to go skiing.


  • Not many people on the mountain
  • Better weather (warmer)
  • Snow is softer, and won’t hurt as much


  • Snow isn’t quite as ideal for those that know the difference

Best things about mid-season

Mid-Season skiing tends to be when the most snow is on the mountain, however it also means it is when the most skiers are on the mountain as well.

Skiing in and around February tends to mean that you can guarantee you are able to access all areas of the mountain. So for those that like wander, this might be the perfect time of the year for you.

This might also be the best time for you, if you are someone that begins to feel cooped up by this time of the winter. Getting out and about with exercise can’t be beat.


  • Great, heavy snow pack
  • Confidence there will be snow wherever you go on the mountain
  • Best for intermediate and experts


  • Long lines for chair lifts
  • Lots of people on the mountain

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Best things about early season

Early Season skiing would be considered from the time the first snow fall hits the mountain until after Christmas.

The unfortunate thing about skiing during this time of the year, is the risk of the complete are being available for skiing. You also likely will be skiing on man-made snow, which isn’t always the best for skiing.

However if you are someone that really enjoys skiing, and can’t go too long without it, then you probably are going to end up on the slopes as soon as possible.

Make sure to take a look at your mountain’s website or their social media, to make sure how much, or even if they are open at all during this early season time.


  • Not many people on the mountain
  • This is the earliest you can ski


  • Not all areas of the mountain may be open yet
  • The snow may not be at its best during this time


If you aren’t someone who skis from the first, till last of the snow every year. I hope this article helped you with some thoughts on when you might want to make that elusive ski trip.

In the end, skiing is a ton of fun! You should probably try throughout the year yourself, and really see what time of the year is your favorite.