This Camp Stove Can Charge Your Cell Phone

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I think one of the best things about a campfire, is getting to stare at the fire and ponder life’s greatest ideas. However, I don’t think those thoughts have ever led to, “Man, I wish this campfire would charge my cell phone”. Maybe it should have though?

BioLite, who also makes my favorite headlamp (read more about that here), makes the BioLite Campstove 2, the campfire/cell phone charger is a new take on the portable campfire.

This has a bit different take than the rest of the portable camp fires out there by offering the option to use wood, scraps, or even wood pellets.

The construction of the little fire pit obviously allows for great air flow, which means it is easy to light, and to use. However it is also able to break down into a largish water bottle size, that can easily be thrown into a backpack.

Also as mentioned a couple times before, the defining characteristic is that this little campfire can charge your phone. This means that even in the depth of the woods, or at night where a solar panel won’t be helping you much, you can use the surrounding woods to keep your cell phone charged for emergencies, or you know… for that perfect Instagram photo.

So who is this for?

This Campstove 2 isn’t exactly meant for the big outdoorsman, and is more for, for the lack of better term, the millennial. I’m saying that in the nicest way possible, as I’ll be honest, I am one of those millennials, and would likely use this myself!

I hate starting fires, and this should make that easy. I like having a backup charging source, and this solves that.

So put those things together, and you have the perfect client.

Accessories abound

Not only is this a camp stove, it also can be expanded to a portable grill, kettle pot for boiling water, or a coffee french press (this works with the kettle pot).

Now remember though, if you are getting that portable grill, you likely need a cooler as well! This one is a great option.

It should also be mentioned, a little light does come in the box with the Campstove 2 as well.

You can see some of these accessories being used in the embeded video from BioLites Youtube channel below.

How do you buy this?

It’s easy, just visit BioLite’s website, give them a little bit of money (about $150), and they’ll ship it right to your door!

Want something a little more intense? They also have the larger FirePit here.

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