Top 5 Essential Cooking Equipment For Camping

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Cooking in the wilderness is one of the best things about camping. However, if you do not have all the essential cooking equipment, it can be challenging to find alternatives in the middle of nowhere. 

With these camping cooking equipment must haves, you will have everything you need to make a delicious meal on the go.

1. Stove and fuel

Firstly, you need something to cook with. Of course, you can opt for a fire pit. However, an easier, safer and more reliable source of heat is a small camping stove.

You can get small stoves that simply screw right on top of a mini gas cylinder and still provides enough space to cook with one pan. 

If you opt for a fire to heat your food, dig a fire pit and ensure there are no combustible materials around the edges.

Once you are finished cooking, make sure the fire is thoroughly extinguished, including any leftover burning embers.

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2. Pot & Pan

A good size pot is a must instead of a shallow frying pan as you will be able to warm up plenty of water for a coffee or tea in the morning. A pot with a foldable handle is perfect as it is more compact.

You can also put everything you need to cook inside the pot to save on space when not in use.

To save on space (and washing up), just eat straight out of the pot instead of carrying a separate plate or bowl.

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3. Utensils

While camping, you are not going to be sitting down for a gourmet dinner. You should not need a knife and fork. A spork is a perfect utensil for camping.

It not only saves weight but is also incredibly easy to use and clean. Many of these come with carabiners, so you can connect it to your bag or pot and know precisely where it is.

However, if you are a glamper, then by all means take a full utensil kit! There are tons of awesome sets out there. There really is anything for everyone out there.

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4. Sharp knife

You may not need a knife for eating, but a sharp flip knife is vital for food preparation.

Whether you are simply opening packaging or having to cut up the meat or fish that you caught. A sharp folding knife is a must.

There are quite a few different types of knives out there, however a folding knife like you see in the picture here is probably one of the most versatile types!

It is able to help you with eating, but also for day-to-day things you need to do around the campsite. Many of them have a built in belt clip that allows you to keep it on you at all times.

5. Sponge or cloth

You must carry the equipment you need to clean down your pot and utensils after every use.

As long as fresh water is not in short supply, you can rinse your gear easily. However, you will need to dry it off thoroughly to ensure that they do not get damaged or rust.

Recommended Camping Cloth

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep food cold while camping?

By far, the easiest way to keep food cold is with a portable refrigerator (did you know some cars even have these built in). However if you are trying to stay away from glamping, then a cooler is going to be your best bet! Some of the better coolers out there can keep food cold for days.

What can you cook on a camping stove?

Camping stoves may seem small, but they can cook tons of different things! You could honestly cook a full dinner just like you would at home with a camping stove. Just keep in mind, that it is a smaller surface, and can take longer.

What cooking equipment should you not bring camping?

When it comes to cooking equipment, I wouldn’t recommend bringing many of the larger components like mixers, coffee makers, and more. If you need something like that, I would recommend getting a portable version.


Now, there of course are so many other things that you need to keep in mind when shopping for items to take with you camping, for cooking. However these things are a great start!

If you are going camping soon, this is the gear to get! Also, don’t forget to have fun.