Are Yeti Bottles Worth It [A Yeti Rambler Bottle Review]

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I have talked a lot about my Yeti mugs on this site, but haven’t spent quite as much time talking about my Yeti Bottle! This is mainly because I have talked a lot about coffee, but I think it’s time to give a little light on my thoughts about if my Yeti Water Bottle is worth it.

So are Yeti Bottles worth it? These bottles are most definitely worth it. They offer quality, assurance that they will work, and flexibility on their use. They don’t leak, and can even fit in a car cup holder, where many others can’t.

I opted for the green water bottle! I really like it.

Why they are worth it

There are quite a few reasons that I think these Yeti bottles are worth it. Let’s take a look at why!

Keeps water cold

I have been impressed how well my bottle keeps water cold, and tasting great! I will fill it up right before bed, and then continue to drink it in the morning without worry of it warming up through the night.

High quality

You really can’t go wrong with Yeti products in general, of course if you put price aside anyways. They are always made of incredible quality, and great materials. Everything is thought through, and they tend to be the most usable version of that product.

Multiple ways of opening it

This is something that surprised us the most! These bottles can actually be opened, and drank out of in two different ways. You can unscrew the top portion of the mouth, and it will give you a smaller spout, or you can unscrew the bottom portion of the cap, and you will find a larger opening to drink out of.

Depending on your mood, or how you like to drink water, you can choose which way you want to drink.

This portion of the cap is great for on-the-go
Removing the cap all together feels more like drinking out of a cup, and is great for at home

Ease of filling up

Remember the larger opening we just talked about? This also makes it crazy easy to fill up your water bottle. No more trying to get the water to perfectly make it through a small opening. Now filling up your water bottle is no different than filling up a cup of water.

Easy to clean

Alright, one last mention of that ability to have a large opening in the bottle! This large opening also makes it really easy to clean the bottle as well. You can easily access all components of the bottle with a sponge, and don’t have to rely on a bottle cleaner to make sure your bottle doesn’t start growing things.

Fits in cup holders

I ended up buying myself the 18 ounce version of the Yeti water bottle, mainly because it perfectly fits in any car cup holder I have found so far. The larger versions of the bottle won’t do that though, and only fit in larger cup holders.

I do wish the bottle held a bit more fluid, however the portability of it far outweighs that need.

It’s a Yeti

Finally, Yeti fans may not want to admit it, however one of the best things about the Yeti water bottle, is the fact that it is made by Yeti. There is something about owning a Yeti product that just makes it feel like you have the best of the best.

Why they may not be worth it

Ultimately the only downside to a Yeti bottle is really the fact that they are so incredibly expensive. When you can buy a water bottle for $1 at the store, or a Yeti bottle starting at a little under $30, it can be a hard argument.

However just like Yeti Coolers, I have found that these water bottles are most definitely worth their price.

Other Reading

Should you buy one?

To buy a Yeti Rambler water bottle, you really will want to own that brand, and want all of the benefits we talked about before. If this isn’t you, then maybe a less expensive option is something you should take a look at!

However if the price doesn’t scare you away, and you want a water bottle that will last you a lifetime, then this might be your best option yet!


Regardless of the price of the Yeti Rambler water bottles, they are really a great price. I enjoy mine a lot, and use it daily. It’s great for on-the-go, at home, or really anywhere you want to take it.

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