Top 5 Reasons why Yeti Coolers are worth it

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Yeti has made a name for itself as one of the top outdoor product manufacturers around. The Austin-based company produces various coolers, including hard and soft models. But the company is about more than making fashionable-looking coolers, as the team always focuses on creating coolers that can handle even the most intense situations.

So are Yeti Coolers really worth it? Yeti Coolers may be expensive, however we have found that they are definitely worth while. This company has a way of taking something normal, and making it exceptional. Because of this, there are plenty of reasons that a Yeti Cooler may be worth it, including their high quality rotomolded bodies, size choices, easy to clean materials and more.

Yeti coolers are worthwhile for your cooling needs, as they are more durable than most other models. They are waterproof and easy to carry around. You can even find these coolers in a full assortment of sizes (and colors), covering all the needs you might hold. Here’s a closer look at what makes Yeti coolers so useful for all your hunting and camping needs.

1. Rotomolded Bodies make for a high quality build

One of the top reasons why Yeti coolers are popular comes from how they feature rotomolded bodies. The rotomold or rotational molding process helps produce hollow one-piece parts that keep the Yeti cooler intact.

Rotomolding entails forming plastic in high temperatures and at low-pressure levels. A hollow mold is filled with plastic material, which is then slowly rotated on two perpendicular axes in an oven.

The material spreads and sticks to the walls of the mold. The consistent rotation ensures the mold will keep a complete shape all around.

The mold is removed from the heat source to cool after the plastic melts. The chest is removed from the mold after it cools, ensuring its shape will remain stable after the process is complete.

The effort ensures the Yeti cooler will feature a consistent body. The wall thickness is uniform all around, while the outside corners are perfectly formed. The one-piece design ensures the body will not leak or have any other imperfections, providing a sturdy body you can trust.

2. A Sturdy Body that is bear resistant

The problem with many coolers is that they are too weak. They can break apart when moving around, plus wildlife might hurt some items. But Yeti coolers are different, as they are capable of handling various physical impacts. Yeti’s website promotes its products as being stronger than various items.

The most intriguing part of Yeti coolers here is that they are certified to be durable by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. The IGBC manages the population of grizzly bears in the United States.

The IGBC often tests various camping items to see if they are bear-resistant. The IGBC found that Yeti coolers are among the most bear-resistant coolers on the market.

The organization tested these coolers through controlled settings with real grizzly bears to see how these coolers can last. These coolers will not break apart or shatter if a grizzly bear starts attacking its body. With that in mind, the IGBC approved Yeti’s hard coolers for use on national parks and public land spaces where grizzly bears live.

Some of the more massive Yeti coolers on the market feature external wheels that help you tote the cooler around. You can use a handle alongside the cooler to move it around without lifting it off the ground. The wheels are also sturdy and can handle various off-road paths, including splinted wood docks.

The wheels can also go through sand and other soft items that some items might get stuck in. The tires are non-marring, meaning they will not leave any marks on whatever surfaces they encounter.

3. Available In Many Sizes

You’ll find Yeti coolers in a full assortment of sizes. The company produces coolers that fit all needs. The Roadie 24 (that you can buy here) is ideal for portable needs, while the Tundra Haul works for picnics or camping activities. Some coolers are also designed for more massive needs.

The Tundra 210 (this massive cooler) can fit offshore fish during a fishing excursion, while the Tundra 350 is for transporting whole hogs and other big game items while hunting.

You can review your needs for a cooler before making your purchase to see what is necessary. The odds are Yeti has a model that fits your needs.

4. Handles many different forms of ice

Traditional coolers often struggle to keep ice cold. It is easy for ice to melt and leak out of some coolers. But the one-piece design of Yeti coolers ensures they will not leak. The sealed design also keeps the ice secure, ensuring it will not melt as fast.

Many Yeti coolers feature polyurethane foam insulation, adding extra protection to the inside. The sealing gasket also works similarly to a traditional freezer, as it keeps cold air in its place.

Many cooler models can even handle dry ice packets, although you’d have to ensure the dry ice contents are secured in their packaging before adding them to your cooler.

Some outside variables may still influence how well the Yeti cooler can handle ice. The quality of the ice, how much you add, the type of ice you have, and how much exposure to direct sunlight came about will make an impact on what you find here.

You should still have an easy time handling everything that enters your cooler here.

5. Sensible Cleaning

One of the greatest problems people have with coolers is that they are often tough to clean. Yeti designs its coolers to be easy for people to clean. The company recommends people clean their coolers with soap and warm water. A small bit of bleach may be added in cases where there’s a noticeable odor coming from something that was in storage.

Yeti coolers can even handle high-pressure soap sprays like what you’d find at a do-it-yourself car wash station. You could use one of these sprays if you have an extremely stubborn stain or odor on the inside. The cooler will maintain its body and remain stable even when you clean it through this method.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Yeti Coolers are so expensive?

It really comes down to two things, high quality (that requires a lot of research), and name recognition. That said, name recognition comes from a product that is high quality, which then justifies the price. Every Yeti product I have purchased has been the best in its class, which justifies that price.

How long will a Yeti cooler last?

From what we have found, a Yeti Cooler can handle keeping your items cool for up to 5 or even 6 days! This makes it a great choice for people wanting to go on a longer camping trip, and are away from any stores where they can stock up on new ice.

Can you put an empty Yeti in the freezer?

I am not totally sure why you would want to put a Yeti in a freezer, however there shouldn’t be any issues with doing this. I would definitely make sure to let it warm up after taking it out of the freezer before use, as the plastic may be brittle when frozen.


Yeti coolers are worthwhile when you’re looking for a top-rate cooler for camping or storage purposes. The design of the Yeti cooler and its durability makes it a suitable choice, plus it can keep inside temperatures under control. Take note of the many models Yeti has available when you’re looking for a high-end cooler you can trust and maintain for years to come.