What Do Aftermarket off-Road Bumpers Weigh?

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Aftermarket off-road bumpers are made from several different materials.

Thicker material used to strengthen the bumper will contribute to a heavier weight, usually around 100 pounds for a steel aftermarket off-road bumper. Bumpers that are composite materials can be much lighter in weight. The average weight of an aluminum body construction may be around 70 pounds and is not as heavy as the steel due to its lightweight frame, which has less reinforcement than its steel counterparts.

Why are off-road bumpers great, even with the additional weight?

A good thing about a rugged aftermarket off-road bumper is it should take most riff-raff without too many issues so you won’t have to worry about major repairs if you get into some trouble on or off the road. If you want something that’s going to be easier to service, you may want to consider a composite bumper since it’s made of smaller pieces that can be taken apart quite easily.

Aftermarket off-road bumpers are great because they’ll protect the body from getting any damage if you should get into something and run over an obstacle in the road or at the local trailhead. Some aftermarket off-road bumpers feature a winch mount which will allow for recovery during a mishap, so you won’t have to call in your buddies with their big trucks and winches to help you out when you’re stuck. Bumpers are also available with skid plates, providing further protection for those vulnerable areas under the engine and transmission.

What to pay attention to outside of the weight?

When choosing an aftermarket off-road bumper, you want to pay attention to the mounting options. Make sure it will fit your truck correctly and securely as a loose bumper can be more dangerous than no aftermarket off-road bumper at all if it becomes airborne. There are several mounting systems, from ball mount systems that use steel balls inside the frame rails or a rubber system called an HID system that kind of locks onto the vehicle frame itself with rubber mounts. The other options are brackets that bolt directly onto the vehicle frame using existing bolts already in place.


Just make sure you’re careful when you go shopping around because there are many cheap products out there that aren’t worth what they cost. You want something that’s going to last a long time and stand up against almost any obstacle, whether it’s off-road or on the pavement. A good aftermarket off-road bumper should come with everything needed, like winch mounts, bolts for mounting, a good place to install a winch and wiring; everything but the winch itself that you can easily find online or at your local off-road store well.

It’s best to do your own research and find out what bumpers are the lightest versions of their kind for safe off-roading. Also, there are a lot of other aftermarket accessories such as skid plates that you should be aware of as well, which can help prevent mechanical damage to your car and components in case you get into an accident or go wheeling off-road on rough terrain – some automotive cargo nets also provide extra peace of mind. By purchasing aftermarket accessories, just make sure they aren’t too heavy duty because it will adversely affect your vehicle’s overall performance and safety.