What Does Dual Exhaust Do For A Truck?

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Well, a Dual exhaust is very useful for reducing the pressure at the back of the truck, something a single exhaust cannot do. However, you must remember that when you start using a dual system you must use headers in place of manifolds. Select headers that are made of stainless steel. Do want to know more about this? Keep reading.

What Is A Dual Exhaust System? A Dual exhaust utilizes two pipes to transport exhaust from the engine. They have mufflers to cut down on the noise. The catalytic converter is used to reduce the toxic level in the exhaust and a manifold usually collects the exhaust.

What Are The Different Types Of Dual Exhausts?

The primary reason trucks are installed with the dual exhaust is because the residual air is pushed out faster than a single exhaust. This also improves the horsepower of the engine. Dual exhausts may cost more but they are a far better choice than single exhausts. Also the choice between a single or double exhaust depends on your personal requirements.Here are some of the different dual exhausts. Have a look.

  • Side Exhaust: This is a dual exhaust system installed on the side. These are very effective in pushing out gases than a single exhaust. These also enhance the performance of the truck.
  • Opposite Exhaust: These work differently than the conventional rear exhaust. These stay wrapped on the wheel and they are able to perform better filtering.
  • Rear Exhausts: This gives the exhaust a deeper sound. These consist of two pipes that are placed on the opposites sides of the truck.

Does Dual Exhaust Help With Power Or Gas Mileage?

With Dual exhausts, you can expect the engine of the truck to run better and effortlessly. This is only possible when the back pressure on the engine is cut down sufficiently this also helps to waste less energy. When the engine runs properly then the fuel will burn less, unlike a truck that uses a single exhaust.

When the engine is working fine you can expect the truck not to overheat. The low temperature will keep the engine in pristine condition, hence it increases the life of the engine by leaps and bounds.

With a dual exhaust, you can expect the gases from the burned engine to leave the combustion box a lot easier and faster than any single exhaust, simply because a dual exhaust has two pipes. This is also known to give the engine’s horsepower a major boost.

Some truck owners like the exhaust to have a deeper sound as it makes them feel that they are driving a powerful truck. The sound is powerful even when the truck is idle, but the truth is that sound is not related to the performance of the exhaust system.

What Are The Benefits Of A Dual Exhaust System?

There are quite a few benefits of using a dual exhaust in trucks. They help in enhancing gas mileage so you will be cutting costs on fuel. Thanks to these exhausts the engine will stay cooler for a longer time and the truck can push greater distances without the engine taking a hit.


Now, a lot of people do not have the awareness that the exhaust system of a truck needs regular inspection to locate any problems. So, the one thing you should never do is overlook the importance of a regular check-up. If you hear your exhausts making too much noise than usual then it is time that you get it checked up or else the problem will increase over time. You must consult an expert to get the problem identified and then rectified.

You should keep in mind that any issue with the exhaust will affect the functioning of the truck. This will also cause your truck to consume a lot of fuel. When it comes to installation you must always get it done by professionals if you want your exhaust to work properly.

Since there are many types of double exhausts you should seek professional advice on what you require. It is not wise to buy random things and have them installed in your truck. This is all you need to know about double exhausts for trucks.