Top 6 Best Alternative to Yeti products in 2023

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The Yeti brand is well known throughout the industry as one of the best of the best when it comes to coolers, drinkware, and many other products. They basically take something that you would think is normal, and then make the best version of that.

Because of that, you find many, many people walking around with some awesome camp mugs, and coolers that you probably have to take a loan out on.

I personally really like Yeti, and have many of their mugs, as I have found them to perform exactly the way I want them to! When you buy a Yeti, you just don’t have to worry about if it will do what you want it to, it just works.

However there are also a lot of other companies that have seen Yeti’s success, and are working to implement their own products to compete! Some are aiming right for Yeti, while others are giving a budget alternative.

Below are some companies that are making alternatives to Yeti products, that are worth a look if you are in the market for Yeti products.


This brand is extremely well known. While it doesn’t have quite the following that Yeti does, it offers many, if not really all of the same products that Yeti offers as well.

While I personally find that Yeti has a bit better aesthetics than RTIC, I have no doubt they will function almost identical.

Some of my favorite products of theirs has to be their backpack cooler! This cooler allows you to be able to easily transport items from the car to your camp spot while keeping it cool, and for a decent price at that.

Comparable Categories: Hard Coolers, Drinkware, Soft Coolers, To-Go Bags, Camping Accessories.

2. Hydro Flask

While Yeti is most well known for their coolers, Hydro Flask is definitely most well known for their drink ware.

However this doesn’t stop both companies from having a major overlap on products.

However because they are well known for different things, but both are known for their quality.

You will find they have an interesting disparity.

When it comes to Hydro Flask, their coolers are less expensive than Yeti, however their drinkware, like mugs and bottles are more expensive.

Comparable Categories: Drinkware, Soft Coolers.

3. Otterbox

I always like talking about Otterbox when it comes to these kinds of products, as most people don’t even know that Otterbox makes anything other than phone cases. However here we are! They offer a wide array of high quality (similar to Yeti) products. This includes soft sided coolers, hard sided coolers, and even (my favorite) drink ware.

They of course carry over a similar aesthetic from their phone cases, meaning their drinkware has that rough texture that lets you easily keep your cup in your hands.

Also, you probably didn’t know, but their drybox is actually the first products that they made, not phone cases!

Comparable Categories: Hard Coolers, Soft Sided Coolers, Drinkware

4. Cabelas

You can never go wrong with Cabelas branded equipment! They always tend to offer awesome pricing for great value products. They also offer plenty of products similar to what Yeti has to offer.

This ranges from coolers, to drink ware! Their quality tends to be a bit lower than what Yeti has, and isn’t always quite what you expect, however you can also expect to pay considerably less for it though.

My favorite product of theirs has to be the Cabela’s 20-oz. Polar Cap Tumbler. Of course I am always happy to own a new tumbler anyways.

Comparable Categories: Hard Coolers, Soft Coolers, Drinkware.

5. Zak

If you are someone that is looking for Yeti Drinkware, but don’t want to pay that price point, and wants a truly value oriented product, Zak is going to be your best bet! This budget brand offers a wide array of products in the drinkware category.

You can find mugs, water bottles, and so much more!

They definitely have a more youthful design styling than Yeti, and likely won’t be able to stand up to the same things that Yeti can when it comes to keeping things hot, and cold (depending on what you are wanting at the time.

However you get the chance to spend considerably less money for something that does a decent job!

Comparable Categories: Drinkware

Which company is my personal favorite?

Hands down Yeti continues to be my favorite company for what they have to offer! With high quality, great branding, and the fact you can count on getting what they claim is awesome. They continue to innovate and improve where they need.

My personal favorite products of theirs are the Yeti Water Bottle, and of course the Yeti Tumblers! I also enjoy getting to use their Yeti Mug as well. All of these have by far been some of my most used drinkware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Yeti coolers overrated?

Yeti products in general are not overrated by any means! From experience everything they sell tends to live up to claims. My favorite thing, is the fact that you know that if you buy one of their products, you know you won’t be dissappointed. Coming from a guy that has a Yeti Tumbler, and a Yeti Water Bottle sitting in front of me.

Do Yeti tumblers go on sale?

Yeti has plenty of sales on their website! You can easily see them by joining their email list. Alternatively, there are plenty of other retailers for Yeti that also put their products on sale as well.

Is Yeti Made in USA?

Yeti products are made both in the USA, but also in China.


While Yeti is by far my favorite company, it is always important to weigh your options! Some of these products can have a rather hefty price tag, and making sure you get the right one for you is important.