Do Tonneau Covers Improve gas mileage on a pickup truck?

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If you are wondering that when you add a tonneau cover to add in your truck and will adding this aid in the fuel economy, then let’s take a look at different aspects about this in this article. The primary aspect covered is whether tonneau covers improve the gas mileage or not.

Do tonneau covers improve MPG? The greatest approach to enhance the truck’s fuel efficiency, as per some of the experts, would be to install a tonneau cover. This tonneau cover could help minimize aerodynamic drag but also increase gas mileage by as much as 10 percent.

What is a tonneau cover?

A tonneau cover is a cover that is placed over an area of a truck or a car that otherwise is open on the top. It could be available for cargo or passengers. It is an automotive term in the current automotive world. It is a softcover that extends at the backside of a truck to shield the load. It is also used to enhance aerodynamics.

These covers are available in different styles which retract, fold, open, and tilted. They can also be locked shut. They are employed to shield and cover open boat areas as well. Several of the covers are created from canvas which is waterproofed and they are held in position by snaps.

Is it possible to save money on gas by using a tonneau cover?

Several people intuitively believe that enclosing the back of a pickup truck will minimize drag. They believe that the wide cargo space combined with the tailgate traps air movement, resulting in increased drag at high speeds.

In principle, everything that improves the aerodynamics of the truck and reduces drag should result in higher gas mileage. Higher MPG also means less money spent at the pump. It’s no surprise that consumers want to know if tonneau covers enhance gas mileage.

Additional factors to consider

  • Driving Pace-It’s worth noting that the majority of these experiments were conducted while driving trucks at highway speeds. The majority of truck drivers are forced to alternate between highway travel and stop-and-go city driving. As a result, any effect on fuel efficiency is likely to be limited to the period the driver spends driving at higher speeds.
  • Weight of Tonneau Cover-Some tonneaus is more substantial than others. Tonneau coverings made of fiberglass, for example, may reduce gas mileage. Light ones don’t contribute much more to the truck’s weight and are less likely to affect gas mileage.


At highway speeds, aerodynamic drag is indeed a major effect on vehicles, particularly with all of that frontal region. The problem with both of your tests is that they were conducted using a late-model pickup truck. Manufacturers have only lately begun to emphasize fuel efficiency in full-size vehicles, so I believe it will have a considerable influence on an old truck.