Top 5 Materials that Tonneau Covers are Made from

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Having a tonneau comes with some great perks. But at the same time, you need to make sure that you are keep it well protected and clean all the time. For that, you can use a cover that can help you in different ways.

Not only the cover will help you to protect the tonneau, but it will also help you in different ways. So, if you are looking for the right material for the tonneau covers, then you have to make sure it is durable and long lasting. A sturdy material can help to protect the cargo, luggage, bedding etc. present at the back of your pickup truck. Read on to know more.

So what materials are tonneau covers made of? The most common material that tonneau covers are made of is vinyl! However you will also find aluminum, fiberglass and even canvas style covers on the market today. The type of material is determined by what kind of cover you are buying, with vinyl being used in the roll up style that you most commonly see.

Different materials for tonneau cover

The tonneau covers are made up of different materials depending on whether the cover is hard or soft. When buying the right cover, you have to consider the best quality material, and they can stand up to the roughest conditions, such as going through a car wash. Here are the available materials that you can get for covering the tonneau:

1. Vinyl

This is one of the most efficient and popular material for the soft covers. Being versatile and durable in nature, the vinyl covers offer waterproof protection which is quite essential. It can help to provide protection to your beds and cargos from any damage.

The best part is that vinyl covers are available at a much affordable rate than that of the other materials. Another benefit of using vinyl covers is that they are very light in nature which makes it easier for you to install or remove the cover.

Vinyl tonneau covers are actually my favorite ones, in fact this one right here is the one I have on my truck right now!

2. Aluminum

If you want a hard cover for the tonneau yet the lightest option, then go for aluminum. It is as popular as vinyl among the people looking for hard covers. With heavy-duty, good quality aluminum panels, you can get a sturdy and durable cover.

This material is perfect for making retractable and fold-up covers which is quite easy to use. As the material is sturdy and strong, it offers excellent security. It is also resistant to sun and rain.

3. Fiberglass

Hard fiberglass is another great material which is used for making hard covers for tonneau. This material can provide better security than that of vinyl or any other soft covers. It can protect your cargo from any damages or theft.

Also, it can keep your cargo or luggage secure in the best way possible. Talking about the aesthetics, no other material can look as good as the fiberglass. It offers a much sleeker and sophisticated look to the tonneau of your truck.

Unfortunately units like this one are quite a bit more expensive than many of the other options out there.

4. Canvas

Another soft material which is used for the tonneau covers is canvas. It is found and used quite less frequently than most of the other materials. But it is light in weight, durable and can protect your cargo.

It is a good pick if you want something in a low budget. It comes with some great advantages like easy installation, easy folding or rolling up etc.

Types of tonneau covers

There are different types of covers available for covering the tonneau of your pickup truck. Based on your needs and preferences, you can choose the right type that you want

  • Roll-up or Rolling covers: Just like the name suggests, these covers can be used by rolling them to open and to close. Here the material used is soft but durable because you cannot roll a hard material.
  • Foldable covers: As the name implies, the foldable covers are hard and are foldable in nature. You can unfold it to cover the tonneau while fold it back when using the space. You have to fold them to open or close the covers. We actually have a full article comparing the roll-up and the foldable covers right here.
  • Retractable covers: Another efficient type of tonneau cover is the retractable covers which is more like a shutter that you can easily open or close. These covers are also made up of hard materials and are quite dynamic in nature.
  • Hinged covers: This is the most expensive type of cover for the tonneau but it can be totally worth your price. It offers great protection as well as convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for a tonneau cover?

This is completely up to you as the buyer, however in my opinion a soft-roll-up style is the best material and selection. They are versatile, relatively inexpensive and can pretty much completely disappear when you don’t need them.

Do I need a hard tonneau cover?

I personally prefer a soft tonneau cover, however if you are wanting to keep your items secure completely, and want to treat your bed more as a trunk than a bed, then a hard tonneau cover might just be for you!

How secure are soft tonneau covers?

Tonneau covers made from vinyl are also known as soft tonneau covers. These unfortunately are not nearly as secure as something like a fiberglass version, as they can easily be cut through! They will give basic security for those that are able to lock their tailgate, as you have to open the tailgate to open the cover.


If you are looking for the ideal material that you can use as your tonneau cover, then you have to make sure that you have to pick one of these materials. The right material depends completely on your choice – whether you want soft cover or hard cover. Consult with an expert now about your needs and requirements to pick the right material.

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