Top 3 Reasons Why Cars Have Horns

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Sure, about 95% of people use their horn to show their displeasure at someone driving too slow, or to take your anger out on something when someone cuts you off. However that actually isn’t the real reason why car horns exist in the first place.

So why do cars have horns? The main reason cars have horns is to let other drivers know about you, if they don’t see you! This can be at intersections to make sure the driver looks both ways, or if they are backing out of a parking spot and might hit you. It is a simple beep to let people know if your presence.

That isn’t the only reason though! So let’s dig in a little bit more.

1. To Alert Other Drivers of your presence

As we already discussed, this really is the main reason why cars have horns in the first place! I don’t know how many times this has saved me from being hit in parking lots, at intersections, or someone trying to merge into me because I was in their blind spot.

A quick beep lets them know of your presence, so that they are able to adjust and fix the situation. If that horn didn’t exist, there was no real way for them to know you are there, and might cause an accident.

2. Honking before a blind corner

Now, in most of the USA, this isn’t the case anymore. However if you have spent any time on the single lane back roads of our country you probably have found those blind turns, where you have no idea of someone is about to take that turn the same time as you.

To combat this, it is a great idea to give a couple quick beeps from your horn to notify anyone coming the opposite direction that you are there, then you can both adjust speeds to make sure a collision doesn’t happen.

3. Notify pedestrians that you are there

No one wants to hit a pedestrian, that is why you can use your horn if you are backing out of a parking spot or making a turn where you have the right-a-way to let a pedestrian know that you are there. This will make sure that they don’t walk out in front of you and cause the unspeakable.


So there you have it! All of the top reasons why car horns on vehicles exist today to notify people around you that you are there. Sure, people mainly use them out of anger, however that really isn’t the true reason why they exist. Instead, they are for friendly reminders to stay safe and not cause a collision.