5 Reasons Why Cars Have Spoilers

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Car manufactures have been using rear spoilers for years! They not only look cool but are also a functional part of a vehicle (at least many vehicles) today. In this article we are going to be talking about why cars have spoilers!

So why do cars have spoilers? The primary functional reason that cars have spoilers is to offer more down force to a vehicle, which glues (figuratively) the vehicle to the ground so that it doesn’t lift off and flip, or just to make sure the tires are getting maximum grip on the ground in corners. Outside of that, the other primary reason is just to make the car look cool.

1. They maximize downforce

Cars that are moving at high speeds experience a phenomenon known as downforce which occurs when air resistance is angled downwards towards the road surface to create two opposing forces pushing against each other, one driving the car forward while the other acts as an anchor slowing it down.

Spoilers contribute to maximizing this effect by redirecting airflow so that appropriate pressure differences are created helping keep the car stable no matter how fast it goes.

2. Better air flow and control at higher speeds

Car manufacturers are aware that with all these components working together, they can cause a lot of inconvenience when it comes to air flow, especially around corners.

A spoiler helps smooth out turbulence which contributes to better stability at higher speeds as well as better handling during cornering situations by enabling easier directional changes without aerodynamic resistance pushing against the car itself causing slower movement or worse, a turn in the wrong direction.

3. To off-set air flow underneath of the vehicle

It wasn’t all about style when car spoilers were first introduced to automobiles, they served an important function other than compensation for flagrant disregard of social norms.

When cars are moving at high speeds over 100 kilometers per hour or more, the air pressure underneath the vehicle is much less than that above it.

4. They are installed for styling

Who does not want a car with a spoiler? The answer is probably nobody because spoilers have become an integral part of personalizing ones ride.

Something that has sparked an entire culture surrounding them including the aftermarket industry where skilled engineers do their best to produce high quality components specifically designed with people’s tastes in mind especially when it comes to customization through exterior modifications like spoilers.

5. Spoilers make cars look sportier

If you want your car to stand out from the rest for whatever reason, spoilers are one of the easiest ways to go about doing so since they not only improve performance but also come with many different types of designs that can change the overall appearance of ones vehicle as well as communicate information such as how fast or powerful that car is just by looking at it.


This fact is especially true with spoilers placed on the rear end where they serve as indicators of speed and style no matter what kind of car you have be it flashy or not so flashy.