Here’s why SUVs have Spoilers, and it isn’t for going faster

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So you have seen cars with spoilers for sure, and you probably have even seen trucks with spoilers. However the things that probably confounds you the most, is when you see a crossover SUV with a spoiler at the end of it.

Here is an example of a small spoiler on a Ford Explorer

Of course its not the crazy, overboard spoiler you would see on a McLaren Senna, but yet a ever so slight spoiler sitting right about the back window of that generic crossover.

So why do SUVs have spoilers, when they don’t plan on ever going as fast? Spoilers on SUVs are primarily meant just for gas mileage, while sports cars and super cars use them for downforce, it actually works more for aerodynamics on an SUV than for downforce.

How do spoilers help SUVs with gas mileage?

Nowadays, gas mileage is king when it comes to SUVs, that act as family haulers. The better the gas mileage, the better the sales numbers!

Even Land Rover Discoveries have spoilers to help with gas mileage

Spoiler play a big part in that, but allowing air to flow over the car with the least amount of drag.

Basically, the spoiler allows the air to not get caught up in the rear of the vehicle, causing less drag, and when there is less drag there is less force needed to keep the vehicle moving forward. When this happens it means the engine has to work less, giving you much better gas mileage.

It really is crazy how such a small component can make a difference.

Other Reading

Any other reasons an SUV may have a spoiler?

Whats the next big thing that sells a vehicle? The aesthetics.

Mclaren Senna with massive rear spoiler

While sports cars use a spoiler for very different reasons, it also has made it so people automatically associate spoilers with being cool, and so manufacturers have been using spoilers on their SUVs to make that association happen with these mass market vehicles as well.

The more a buyer thinks a vehicle looks cool, the easier it is to sell! I mean, I can’t argue with that logic though, as I agree that an SUV with a spoiler does look ever so much cooler than the comparable SUV that doesn’t.


Whether it be for aesthetics, or for gas mileage, spoilers on SUVS are here to stay.

Does your SUV have a spoiler on the back? Now you know why!