Spray In Bed Liners: How long do they last on a pickup truck?

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I am a big fan of spray in bed liners, they look good, give you tons of traction when moving around in the bed, and can save your truck from damage. However, if you are on the fence about getting yourself some spray-in bed lining, you probably want to make sure you are making a good investment, and with that, how long a spray in bed liner is going to last you on your truck.

So how long do spray in bed liners last? If a spray in bed liner on a truck is installed correctly, it can, and probably will last the life of the pickup truck that it is installed in! These bed liners are incredibly tough, and can take a real beating, not only saving your bed from scratches, but it can even save it from dents.

How can you make your spray in bed liner last longer?

From experience, I have found that my trucks spray in bed liner can take some heavy hits, ranging from shovels of gravel being thrown into it, to throwing cement blocks into it.

With enough impact, if there are soft spots in your bed liner, it technically can chip the lining! So if you are worried, I would highly recommend keeping heavy impacts away from the bed.

However if the bed liner is done correctly by a professional, you really shouldn’t have this problem!

I personally believe that every truck should come standard with a spray in bed liner from factory!

Will do-it-yourself (DIY) or professional spray in bed liners last longer?

Due to professional preparation, professional lining and the experience that a bed lining company brings a professional spray in bed liner will for sure last considerably longer than a DIY version.

That said, a DIY bed liner will also cost less and will leave you with more money in your pocket, so you just have to decide what trade off you want.

If you are planning on selling your truck, any time soon, I would plan on having a professional install your bed liner, as it is a huge selling point for truck owners, and a DIY version can actually take away from the value.

What happens when a bed liner goes bad?

There are two major things that happen when a bed liner fails!

The first, and most likely will be that it will begin to chip off in chunks, leaving stock paint in its place. This will then begin to spread throughout the bed, until you have to get down and chip it off to re-line the bed of the truck.

The other thing that can happen is that it will crack! This generally will then end up doing the above, and beginning to chip off as well.

Does prepping the surface of the bed make your bed liner last longer?

Bed lining is no different from a normal paint, in the fact that preparation makes all of the difference to making it last longer! You should always make sure to rough up the surface a bit, as glossy surfaces will make it easier for the liner to separate from the paint, and give the liner more of a chance to chip off, which no one wants that.

Having the right person prepare, and line your bed will make this job easier! You can definitely do it yourself with the right DIY bed liner and a bit of reading up on the correct ways to install your bed liner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you get a drop in bed liner instead of a spray in?

I am a big fan of spray in bedliners, and I believe there are one too many downsides to a drop in bed liner to go that route. Sure, drop in liners are convenient, but they can also cause rust, scratches and more, while spray in will actually help keep that from happening.

How much does it usually cost for a spray in bed liner?

Having a spray in bed liner professionally installed can range from $400 – $1000 depending on the installation! While do-it-yourself bed liners can be cheaper than $100.

What is the toughest bed liner?

I would highly recommend taking a look at a Rhino Lining spray in bed liner. These bed liners are high quality, durable, and resistant to damage.


Spray in bed liners are some of my favorite bed liners on the market today! They don’t cause rust like other bed liners, and in fact will actually help keep your truck rust free! They also offer impact protection, scratch protection and a lot of peace of mind.

Thankfully spray in bed liners can also last the life of your truck, so it is a one time investment (as long as it is installed correctly).