Why don’t trucks come with bed liners from factory?

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Truck makers know how to make robust, long-lasting vehicles. We can’t speak to your chassis or engine when we talk about protection and durability; we can only speak to what we specialize in: safeguarding your truck’s bed and appearance. Vehicle makers are familiar with automobiles, and we are familiar with bed protection.

As a result, many individuals are hesitant to purchase truck bed liners to go with their new pickup vehicles. They’ve already sunk so much money into their vehicles that the prospect of paying much more on bed liners is too much for them to bear. We’re not saying it’ll happen.

However, if your vehicle does not have a Bed liner, you may come to regret it. It’s also critical that you don’t pick any old Bed liner. You want one that will safeguard your investment, withstand the elements, and last for many years.

When you don’t utilize a liner, you’ll notice scratches, gouges, and other defects in your pickup truck’s bed, which will do more than just detract from its appearance. They may also cause corrosion to develop in your pickup vehicle over time. It’s nearly hard to get your truck to stop rusting (even from their fenders) once it begins.

To prevent all these, since the factory doesn’t offer bed liners, they try to avoid some cases as well, thus prepare and gives your truck a special massage in a smart way. Here’s how;

How its prepped

Trucks, like all other vehicles, are mass-produced on an assembly line on a factory floor. Manufacturers frequently discover a faster approach to process and employ other ways since they don’t want to hold down production.

When it comes to preparing truck beds for spray liners, manufacturers like to employ adhesion promoters to form a bond for their spray bed liners before they are sprayed. This allows for a rapid chemical bond at the plant. The liner is then sprayed into the bed by a robot.

How Is It Used

Manufacturers like robots and utilize them in spraying, as previously said. Also, because beds are often constructed and installed, you may notice unusual flaws in your bed.

For example, instead of uninstalling and reinstalling their side cleat accessory system, Ford tapes over it, allowing your bed color to show through the open cleat and leaving that region exposed.

Additionally, all manufacturers use tape for their bed lights, switches, and other components. Also, because a robot can’t reach that far around while spraying tailgates while on the car, tailgates aren’t always entirely wrapped around the edges.

All OEM screws, bolts, and bed attachments, including the tailgate, are removed at LINE-X. We do this to guarantee that your truck is completely safe.

Aftermarket has better solution

Overall Thickness — When it comes to protective coatings, it may appear obvious that all products, such as paint, should be sprayed at the same thickness. This, however, is not the case. The thicker the liner, the better in bed liners.

Protective coatings from manufacturers are typically 60 to 80 mm thick and provide adequate protection. A bed liner structural strength requires a minimum thickness of 60 millimeters. As you might expect, the various thicknesses of bed liners provide a wide variety of protection for your mattress.

Protection in general

Additionally, LINE-X may be sprayed at any desired thickness, so those who want additional protection, which is 300 times stronger than any other produced liners or SPF 300, can be sprayed thicker. Consider a bed liner as a type of sunscreen.

A DIY bed liner is equivalent to a single application of SPF 8 sunscreen for the duration of your Miami trip. Other competitors’ bed liners have an SPF of 15 and Manufacturers’ bed liners have an SPF of 30.

LINE-X is applied evenly and continuously at a thickness of 100 to 120 mm to provide exceptional protection in all areas – imagine SPF 80 reapplied every 15 minutes.

The average truck owner utilizes their vehicle for business, as well as for leisure and enjoyment. After all, that’s what trucks are for. Owners of work trucks demand exceptional performance in difficult conditions and subject their trucks to harsh punishment throughout the day.

The casual vehicle owner wants excellent performance as well, but with the knowledge that a bed liner will help protect the truck’s value and make it look good for the rest of its life.


A lot of individuals acquire pickup trucks to be able to transport their belongings in the rear. You’ll be hauling items around in your truck all the time, whether you’re buying one for your construction firm or buying one for home repair tasks.

Unfortunately, if the truck owner does not have truck bed liners, this might cause harm to the truck. It won’t be long before you notice scratches, gouges, and other flaws on the surface of your truck bed if it isn’t covered.