Top 4 Reasons Why Garage Cabinets Are Off The Floor

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The garage happens to be a cluttered area of the house. It is the storage area to keep the machines, tools, and cars, which restrict free movement. Management of the mess happens to be a challenge.

The best option to solve it is the installation of the garage cabinets. However one of the strange things about garage cabinets, is the fact that they are actually raised off the floor (for the most part), and not directly on the floor.

So why are garage cabinets raised off the floor? Garage cabinets are raised off the floor primarily offer a functional, yet clean look! However it also helps with cleaning the garage, and even to help out with flooding, as it keeps water away from your gear.

In this article, we will tell you why the garage cabinets are built off the floor.

1. Offering a functional and clean look

A primary reason why it is wise to install garage cabinets happens to be the aesthetics. The area offers a clean look, where and everything gets arranged upon the walls neatly. In addition to increasing the garage appearance, the cabinets boast immense functionality.

If you are worried about the dirt and grime which might enter the compartments, the elevated drawers and shelves might be a primary concern. It is possible to reach them without any challenges. So, it is possible to seek access to the necessary tools in no time.

2. Getting rid of the water damage

Storage of the objects in the unfinished garage can lead to a lot of trouble. The surface happens to be porous. It might lead to the entry of moisture on a wide scale. The placement of the cabinets in the areas is regarded as the breeding ground for mildew, mold, and different unpleasant surfaces.

Building the garage off the floor is believed to be a suitable solution to get rid of this. It plays an integral role in keeping the stored items safe from mold growth and moisture. Thus, it is useful in removing a variety of health issues.

3. Easy to clean

Cleaning of the cluttered space happens to be challenging since it is not easy to move the vacuum and broom around the heavy objects. Movement of the cabinets to the surrounding surfaces happens to be a painful process. If you want to save the hassles and time, it would be wise to build the garage off the walls. Furthermore, it offers direct access to the dirt areas, thereby making the cleaning process very easy.

If the garage cabinets are placed on the floor, there are tripping risks. Choosing garage cabinets are worth mentioning in this aspect as it helps in preventing stubbed toes and bruised elbows. Hence, you do not need to worry about weary joints and bones.

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4. Offers a stylish appearance

The garage cabinets help in improving the garage appearance. They are meant to endure the garage environment’s harsh treatments. You can ensure a comfortable, supreme quality, and budget-friendly installation by installing these cabinets off the floor. They are an optimum alternative to offer a style quotient to your home.

How high up should garage cabinets be from the floor?

The regular garage cabinets come with the traditional kitchen cabinet measurements. The standard mounting cabinets’ height is about 96 inches from the surface of the floor to the cabinets’ top. This specific height indicates that you will be capable of reaching the cabinets’ top after standing up on the toes or using the tool or chair.

As the garage is equipped with the regular measurements of 30inches height and 12 inches depth, the installation height should be of 96 inches. If the garage boasts of a taller height, it needs a higher mounting height, as the cabinet bottom interferes with the car-parking space.

The garage cabinets’ width is 15 inches for the singular doors, whereas for the several doors, it is about 48inches.

Are there types of garage cabinets that shouldn’t be off the floor?

You can consider installing kitchen garage cabinets off the floor. For people who are looking for an excellent option to place the garage behind closed doors, the cabinet set happens to be the optimum choice.

It is possible to keep the kitchen cabinets in the garage, which are inclusive of the upper and base cabinets. They offer in-depth inner storage to accommodate larger products.

The process to install the cabinets in the garage is similar to that in the kitchen. It is essential to attach the cabinets to the wall studs.

However, they should be plumb and located at a specific level. The garage cabinets provide little or no ability for customization. You can enhance the elegance of your home by choosing the garage cabinets. In addition, they stand out of the ordinary in offering efficient living space extension.

Frequently Asked Questions

How high should garage cabinets be off the floor?

Generally speaking, to get all of the benefits of having your garage cabinets off the floor, you should count on keeping them about 4.5″ above the garage floor. This will be low enough to keep the counter at the right hight, but also high enough to be able to clean underneath.

Can you use wood cabinets in a garage?

Wood cabinets have been around for ages, and are still a great option! The downsides to wood garage cabinets are longevity of the material, and styling.

How do I level my garage cabinets?

Most garage cabinets will come with feet or casters on the bottom of them. You can easily adjust each of these to level out the cabinets. Using a level, you will easily be able to tell which corners need adjustment.


Garage cabinets are an important part of your garage, and the organization of it! Getting ones that are raised up off the floor help a ton with cleaning, but also help with styling of your garage and even keeping them from getting damaged from floods.

Now it is up to you to decide exactly what garage cabinets you need, and to plan out how to make your garage the most efficient that it can be.