Everything You Need to Know About DECKED Drawer Systems

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If you are looking for a way to improve organization in your truck, DECKED Drawer Systems are the perfect solution. DECKED is a company that specializes in manufacturing drawer systems for trucks, and they offer a variety of different options to choose from.

In this article, we will provide an overview of DECKED Drawer Systems and answer some common questions about them. We will also discuss the benefits of using DECKED Drawers and how they can help you get organized!

What is a DECKED drawer system?

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A DECKED drawer system is a set of drawers that are designed to fit in the bed of your truck. DECKED offers two different styles of drawer systems, and each one is designed to fit a specific type of truck.

The first style is the D-Series, which is designed for full-size trucks. The second style is the DECKED-AF, which is designed for mid-size trucks.

Both styles of drawer systems come with two drawers, and each drawer can hold up to 200 pounds.

What are the benefits of using DECKED Drawer Systems?

There are many benefits of using DECKED Drawer Systems. First, DECKED Drawer Systems are a great way to keep your truck organized. With DECKED Drawers, you can easily store and access your tools, camping gear, or any other items that you need to keep in your truck.

Second, DECKED Drawers are weatherproof and will protect your belongings from the elements. Third, DECKED Drawers are made in the USA and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Are DECKED Drawers easy to install?

Yes, DECKED Drawers are very easy to install. The entire process takes about an hour, and you will not need any special tools or equipment. DECKED provides detailed instructions on their website, and they also offer customer support if you have any questions.

Will DECKED work with a bed liner?

DECKED is an awesome system for keeping the back of your truck safe, and also organized. They are compatible with many different types of bed-liners! They work best with a spray-in bed liner, however, they can be used with a BedRug full liner.

If you are hoping to install a DECKED Drawer System, and you have a drop-in plastic bed liner, you might want to think about upgrading to something else, as DECKED is not compatible with this type of liner.

If I were you, I would highly recommend setting yourself up with a spray-in bed liner, not only will you be able to use the DECKED system in the way it was meant to be, but it is much better for your truck and resale of your vehicle.

What comes with the DECKED system?

The DECKED Drawer System is already a huge system that includes everything you need to get going with keeping your stuff organized. However, it also includes a few other accessories to make it even better.

This includes a couple of extra containers called the D-Box, and the Crossobox, which will fit perfectly with the system, and keeps smaller items organized. You will also receive the DRAWERGANIZER, which is an open-top organizer for larger items that you don’t want to roll around, and finally two dividers that you can either place in one of the drawers or split them up between both sides.

How much is a DECKED toolbox?

While the DECKED Drawer System is what this company is most well known for, they also just launched the DECKED Toolbox right here, which is one of the best toolboxes in the industry today. You can even opt for adding a ladder that folds out, to easily access the side of your bed in a pinch.

The DECKED Toolbox costs $749.99 for the base version (includes a snack tray, and the D-Box Blue), or you can upgrade to having the built-in ladder for an additional $150.

Where are DECKED tool boxes made?

[Image courtesy of DECKED]

Unlike many things that are sold on the market, and especially in the automotive market, DECKED Tool Boxes and Drawer Systems are made right here in the USA.

This means that you are supporting American jobs, and also getting a top-quality product.

DECKED is headquartered in Defiance, Ohio, where they have their main manufacturing facility, as well as their corporate offices. Their products can be found all over the world, but they still maintain that small-town feel, which is one

Will a DECKED system work with a toolbox?

Unfortunately, many different toolboxes will not work with the DECKED drawer system. Some shallower toolboxes will work, however, you will want to make sure that they can clear the 12″ in height that the DECKED system will be taking up.

An easy way to tell is to take a measuring tape and see if there is 12″ of space between the floor of your bed, to the bottom of your toolbox. I would then give an inch extra or so to be safe before ordering your DECKED system.

How deep are DECKED drawers?

DECKED Drawers, regardless of the overall size of the drawer system are 8.5″ Deep (heightwise). If you are looking for the depth lengthwise, you can expect either 61.4” at the top of the drawer (72.1” for long beds) for full-size pickups. Alternatively with mid-size trucks, you get 53″ at the top of the drawer (64.7″ if you have a long bed).

Are DECKED drawers dustproof or waterproof?

Are you looking to equip your off-road truck with a DECKED system, and want to make sure it can handle all of the elements? Well, the system is what is called “weatherproof”, which essentially means it can handle all different types of weather.

That said, it won’t be perfectly dustproof or waterproof. Over time, you may be able to find some dust or water in your DECKED system, but it will be well protected against the elements.

Are DECKED drawers universal and interchangeable?

The DECKED Drawer system is designed to be an exact fit for different pickup trucks. Because of this, while you may randomly be able to fit some DECKED systems into different trucks, you should not count on it, and it likely won’t fit exactly right. If you are looking to purchase a DECKED system second part, only purchase one that is directly from someone with the same truck as you.

Another great option is to just get one brand new!

Can you get a DECKED system for a truck with RamBox?

If you are looking for the ultimate solution for keeping your tools secure, and organized, you can combine the DECKED system with a Ram 1500, 2500, or 3500 that is equipped with the RamBox. Visit this link here to get one!

Can you get a DECKED for a Jeep Wrangler

While you most definitely can purchase a DECKED system for the Jeep Gladiator (a pickup truck), you, unfortunately, are not able to add a DECKED system for the Jeep Wrangler. The Wrangler is an awesome off-road vehicle, however, it does not have a bed for a standard DECKED system to be adapted to. Hopefully, due to popular demand, they create a good solution for the Wrangler, but that isn’t around quite yet.

Can you use a DECKED drawer system with a gooseneck trailer?

You are unable to utilize the DECKED drawer system with a gooseneck trailer. Gooseneck trailers require the trailer ball that sits in the middle of the bed to be available, and this system covers it up completely. That means, if you are looking to purchase something from this company, you are going to have to look at their Toolbox instead!

Should you use DECKED with a camper shell equipped?

A camper shell and the DECKED Drawer System do not interfere with each other at all. In fact, they do a great job working together!

For those that like to go Overlanding, you could put a DECKED system in the bed of your truck to store everything you would need in your bed, and then place something like a mattress on top of that, and of course, the camper shell (like these), will then cover the mattress and other gear and keep it out of the weather.

DECKED vs Diamondback

Diamondback and DECKED are not direct competitors. DECKED will fill the bed with drawers, while the Diamondback Cover, covers the bed with diamond plate steel.

I wouldn’t recommend combining these two, as unlike normal tonneau covers (we’ll talk about that in a moment), the Diamondback covers don’t retract, meaning you are losing out on the best thing about DECKED, that you have a flat space on top of the system to utilize as a bed.

DECKED vs tonneau cover

Much like we have already talked about, DECKED is not a competitor with normal tonneau covers!

That said, unlike something like a Diamondback Cover, standard tonneau covers are generally able to retract, meaning you can completely cover your bed, but still be able to use it as a bed whenever you want to, just by retracting the tonneau cover!

DECKED vs Bedslide

While this comparison deserves its true comparison article, at its basic level the decision between DECKED and Bedslide is up to what you need it for. If you are a sportsman or someone that has a lot of tools and gear that need organized (and kept from rolling around), I would hand down choose the DECKED system.

However, if you are constantly pulling heavy equipment out of the back of your truck, these items won’t fit into drawers. Think of welders, heavy and large coolers, construction equipment, and more, then a Bedslide might be in your future.

What is the load rating of a DECKED Drawer System?

One of the greatest things about the DECKED system is that it can handle a considerable amount of weight. It can handle up to 2000 pounds distributed across it (50 pounds per square foot), and each drawer can handle 200 pounds within it.


There are a lot of different drawer systems on the market, but DECKED is one of the best. It’s perfect for those that need a little extra storage in their truck and wants to be able to organize everything neatly.

Plus, it’s tough enough to handle just about anything you throw at it! So if you’re in the market for a drawer system, be sure to check out DECKED. You won’t be disappointed.