Top 11 Best Indoor Grills In 2023

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Indoor grilling is a relatively new art, and to be completely honest, is how we did our grilling for the longest time in our home!

Of course after a while we now have way too many outdoor grills, but that is beside the point.

Years ago, the only way we could make a good hamburger, was with one of those classic George Foreman grills, and you know what? It worked! It made some amazing grilled burgers and we enjoyed it.

Why An Indoor Grill?

There are quite a few reasons you may want to own an indoor grill, and very legitimate reasons at that.

  1. You can’t have an outdoor grill – Much like where we were in life at that time, we lived in an apartment. Which means no nice patch of grass to put a nice outdoor grill! That is where an indoor grill comes into the picture.
  2. You need an alternative to an outdoor grill – Alright, it’s raining outside, and you don’t want to go outside, but you still want that delicious hamburger grilled… and indoor grill fixes that issue!
  3. These grills are also easily cleanable – I don’t know about you, but sometimes I don’t want to have to heat up my grill, and scrape it off before grilling my food. An indoor grill is easy to clean, and then you can just store it away.

These are all things that a standard outside grill like a charcoal, or gas grill just can’t do.

So with all of this said, here are my top choices for the best indoor grills you can get right now!

1. George Foreman 9-Serving Classic Plate Grill

Speaking of George Foreman, this grill is basically a larger version of what we used to get started in grilling! If you are just a beginner, and want something to make a quick burger, this is a great option for you.

These George Foreman grills have been around a really long time at this point, and they have gotten the formula for a good grill down.

Unlike many other indoor grills on this list, it uses a clamshell style, so it grills from both the top and bottom at the same time. This means you don’t really have to flip whatever you are grilling.

It’s simple slanted design means all of the juices quickly run off the grill, and into a separate drip tray that can be wiped out and washed separately.

This specific version of the George Foreman’s can handle up to 9 servings, making it one of their larger units.

  • Grilling surface – Non-stick
  • Temperature control – No true control, but includes a green light to let you know when it is done.
  • Size of the grill – 144 square inches
  • Grill Type (Open or Closed) – Open, however with its clamshell design it does have a top portion, it just doesn’t cover it completely.

2. Presto 22-inch Electric Griddle

Ahh yes, your standard electric griddle. You probably have seen one of these hidden in a cabinet, and rarely used.

Should that actually be the case normally? No. These griddles are really awesome, and people should use them more.

Want an amazing breakfast with pancakes, eggs, and sausage all at one time? These griddles will make it happen.

This specific unit is extremely portable, and you can easily remove the handles for storage. It is also offered in either a ceramic non-stick coating, or a normal non-stick coating. My recommendation? Get the ceramic.

  • Grilling surface – Non-stick
  • Temperature control – Yes
  • Size of the grill – 22” width (Unknown surface area)
  • Grill Type (Open or Closed) – Open

3. Ninja Foodi 4-in-1 Indoor Grill with 4-Quart Air Fryer

If you are in need of much more than just an indoor grill, this relatively expensive option offers a 4-in-1 experience. While you are able to grill, like the other options on this list, it also can air crisp, bake, and roast!

Ninja has been one of my favorite brands for kitchen equipment, and I actually used their Coffee Bar for quite a long time (until I discovered making coffee with a manual coffee maker).

This Ninja Foodi Indoor Grill can get up to 500 degrees, is non-stick, and all of the components are easily removable, making it extremely easy to clean.

The grill grate specifically is a 10” x 10” space, making a decent, but not huge grill space. You definitely are spending more for the name, and flexibility of this unit.

  • Grilling surface – Grill style non-stick
  • Temperature control – Yes, up to 500 degrees
  • Size of the grill – 100 square inches
  • Grill Type (Open or Closed) – Closed

4. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Multifunctional Grill

This brand is well known inside and outside of the industry, and I really like this grill. It offers two different styles of griddle, being the normal grill style, and the griddle.

Not only that, in the grill style, it presses down like a George Foreman, making it easy to cook burgers. However when you want it to be a griddle, it folds out, and the top portion becomes a flat griddle as well, doubling the cooking surface area.

You also really can’t beat the price on this unit, as it is well below a competitor like the Ninja Foodi we just talked about.

Want to cook two different types of things? The lid, and the base grill/griddle are both controlled by two different controls, meaning you can have them both at different temperatures.

  • Grilling surface – Grill and griddle options
  • Temperature control – Yes, both surfaces are separately controlled
  • Size of the grill 2 – 11″ by 9″ surfaces (198 square inches)
  • Grill Type (Open or Closed) – Open, floating lid style

5. Gotham Steel Smokeless Electric Grill

I think I chose this one to be added on the list, just because I like the way it looks. The bronze styling of the grilling surface is extremely cool.

Outside of that, it follows the similar styling to a flat griddle, just with a grilling surface instead. You have adjustable temperature controls, and not a ton else.

  • Grilling surface – Grill style
  • Temperature control – Yes, multiple ranges
  • Size of the grill – Unknown
  • Grill Type (Open or Closed) – Open

6. Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Grill & Griddle

You really can’t beat a good multipurpose product, more specifically an indoor grill. This 3-in-1 grill and griddle! This one has two cooking surfaces, on each side, and each of those surfaces can be flipped over and use separately.

This means you can grill on one side, and griddle on the other.

It also is a really good price, and easily cleanable.

  • Grilling surface – Grill and Griddle
  • Temperature control – Yes, seperate for both sides
  • Size of the grill – 180 square inches of cooking space
  • Grill Type (Open or Closed) – Open

7. Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill

Okay, I admit it, there haven’t been that many closed style indoor grills on this list! However this one is really cool. This enclosed style grill gives you a window to keep an eye on your burgers. Because why would you waste that heat by opening it if you don’t have to.

It also is incredibly easy to clean, as both the lid, and the grilling surface are dishwasher safe.

If you are looking for an indoor grill, that really does its best to simulate an outdoor grill, this one might be your best bet!

  • Grilling surface – Grill style 
  • Temperature control – Yes
  • Size of the grill – Unknown
  • Grill Type (Open or Closed) – Closed

8. Breville Smart Grill & Griddle

Most indoor grills tend to be relatively inexpensive, mainly under $100. However this one takes it a bit further. 

What makes it so expensive? It has really cool sensors that will change the heat depending on what you have put on the grill. When you put cold meat, it cranks the heat to bring the surface back to temp, then lowers it as the meat heats up.

It also has integrated elements, which push heat more evenly throughout the cooking surface, rather than having the element separate from the cook surface like many others.

Want a little more flexibility, or cooking area? It folds out to allow for the top portion to be a cooking surface as well.

  • Grilling surface – Grill style
  • Temperature control – Yes, automatically changes temperature
  • Size of the grill – Unknown
  • Grill Type (Open or Closed) – Open, and closed

9. T-FAL GC704 OptiGrill with Recipe Books Indoor Electric Grill Removable Ceramic Plates

Did you like the Geoerge Forman grills we talked about earlier, but just want something a bit cooler? This is what you are looking for.

Using the similar clam-shell design, this grill will be very familiar, but still look nice enough to keep on your countertop.

  • Grilling surface – Clam-shell grill
  • Temperature control – Yes
  • Size of the grill – Unknown
  • Grill Type (Open or Closed) – Clam-shell closed

Other Alternatives

So, you don’t like any of the ones above, and you want to be original eh? The next two are some great alternatives to the electric style indoor grills we have talked about before.

Both are used on a stove top, so let’s dig in!

10. Lodge Pre-seasoned 10.5 inch Cast Iron Grill Pan with Assist Handle

This is a very cool option, if you want something that is easy to use, and doesn’t have any electronics. We personally have this in our home, and it works awesome, just with one downside, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Just like a grill, this grill pan has grates on the bottom, and it cooks food just like a good cross between a grill, and a standard cast iron pan. 

As an inexpensive, easy to use option, it would work well in most kitchens!

The one downside? It is an incredible pain to clean. The grates are closed on the bottom, and food likes to stick in between them. This means it takes a good amount of time to make sure the pan is clean when it comes time to do that.

  • Grilling surface – Cast iron grill
  • Temperature control – No, whatever you set your stove to
  • Size of the grill – 10.5 inches
  • Grill Type (Open or Closed) – Open

11. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

Did you like the cast iron pan that we talked about just above, but need a little bit more space? This griddle/grill might be perfect.

Instead of being a pan, it follows the griddle styling that you have seen in other selections on this list. 

You will find a griddle (flat) surface on one side that is perfect for pancakes, and other things. On the other side is a grilling surface with the grates, this is perfect for burgers, steaks, etc.

As mentioned, there is considerably more surface area, and you can span it between two different burners.

  • Grilling surface – Cast iron grill
  • Temperature control – None, you use your stove
  • Size of the grill – Unknown
  • Grill Type (Open or Closed) – Open

What to look for when shopping for an indoor grill?

There are many different things that you need to be keeping an eye on during your shopping for an indoor grill. More specifically, the grilling surface, temperature control, the style of surface, size of the grill, and if it is an open or closed style of grill.

Grilling surface

Yes, this is probably the most obvious one, however it definitely should be kept in mind. Most different indoor grills are going to be your standard non-stick, however some are cast iron.

Which is better for your situation? That is up to you.

Temperature control

Now having temperature control isn’t necessarily always a bad thing, however you should make sure you think about this when buying.

If you are looking to cook a plethora of different types of foods, all at once, or separately, you probably want to have control over you temp. 

On the other hand, if you are just looking to cook a burger, this probably isn’t necessary.

Size of the grill

Grills come in tons of different sizes and shapes. Some can flip out and double inspace when needed!

If you are just one person, you may only need the smallest of grills, however if you are needing to feed a family, you probably will need to look at an upgrade, and spend a little more.

Open vs closed indoor grill

For the most part, there are two different types of indoor grills out there! The open, and closed indoor grill.

The main difference between the two, is that there is a lid attached. The upside to this, is that you can maintain the heat on the inside of the grill easier.

Alternatively, the open grills allow you to keep a closer eye on the food while cooking.


I hope this article has shed some light on what indoor grills there are out there, and maybe given you an idea of the direction you would like to take.

Indoor grills can be a lot of fun, and can be used year round! Don’t let that bad weather keep you from having that summer fun.