BioLite’s new BaseCharge Portable Power Station

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You can use the BaseCharge at home or on the go. [Photo courtesy of BioLite Energy]

BioLite (the brand behind one of my favorite headlamps) just released a new product line in their portfolio: high-capacity lithium-ion power stations called BaseCharge (perfect for off-grid camping, emergency backup, mobile office, DIY projects, and more).

The BaseCharge 600 [Photo courtesy of BioLite Energy]

Two different models available

The two models are the BaseCharge 600 and the BaseCharge 1500. These rechargeable power stations essentially give users a wall outlet wherever they go. Not only do they come with an array of DC ports (commonly used in RV/Overlanding devices), USB-A, USB-C, and USB-C PD at a full 100W rating, but they also have a wireless charging deck on both models.

With an Easy Read Dashboard, the BaseCharge calculates inputs, outputs, and battery life remaining in real-time. It also features a message center that alerts users to port activations, system notifications, troubleshooting actions, and warnings as well as a resettable energy odometer that can measure usage over time.

What can you use a portable power station for?

The uses for these things are endless! In fact, just the other day, when BioLite announced these new products to us, we had a power outage for a few hours and saw the need for easy, portable backup power. You can use rechargeable power stations for emergencies; outdoor activities such as camping, overlanding and more; for projects where your corded power tools can’t reach when plugged into an outlet; and even if you truly want to “work from anywhere” — take one of these to the beach with you and you’ll be set for hours!


Whether you’re ready to hit the road, or are looking for something to give you portable power at home, the BaseCharge 600 and the BaseCharge 1500 are great options wherever your adventure may take you!