Camping vs Hiking [Which one is for you?]

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It can be easy to confuse camping and hiking. Both are outdoors and can be a lot of fun. However, they do not always go hand in hand. 

If you are trying to figure out if you would prefer to either camp, or go hiking, this article talks about what each is, and why you may want to do one or the other!

In short though, if you are trying to decide. Camping is perfect for those that just want to get outdoors for the day, while hiking is perfect for those wanting to get some good exercise in, and probably not be quite as close to other people!

What is camping?

Camping is the merely the act of staying outside overnight. Fed up with your central heating and home comforts, you plan an adventure that forces you to go back to basics.

As long as you have shelter, water, and food, everything will be alright. There are many different forms of camping. The most popular and traditional is tent camping. Whether you decide to camp in one place or travel in-between your nights’ rest is up to you.

If you are driving to a campsite, you can carry most stuff with you, and it can make for a very comfortable holiday while still embracing the freedom you get while sleeping in a tent outside.

However, camping is also the perfect way of having cheap accommodation while traveling.

If you are traveling, you will likely pack lighter and prioritize what classes as essential camping equipment. You could choose to go bike camping, meaning you can travel miles with all your gear strapped onto your bike with panniers. Alternatively, if the distance is not your aim, you could choose to hike.

What is hiking?

Hiking is an incredible experience as you rely on your own body to get you to your destination.

Proper hiking generally lasts for more than one day. Otherwise, you are just going for a long walk.

Hiking also implies that you are spending time in nature traversing hills and mountains.

Usually, you have no option but to carry all their gear on their back to set up camp en route. 

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Which one is better, Camping or Hiking?

Either and both. A bit of a cop-out, but it does depend on what you are looking for from your next adventure. Camping is an excellent way to go back to basics and fall in love with nature.

It can also be made very comfortable if you can carry a lot of gear with you. Hiking is a workout and can put your body under a lot of strain, but it is gratifying to prove to yourself what your body is capable of achieving.

If you are up to the challenge, hiking while carrying all your camping gear on your back is a very rewarding experience.


Regardless of what you decide, either camping, or hiking are a ton of fun and get you out into the great outdoors! You get to see animals, meet people, see some awesome scenery, and get yourself away from a screen.