Hiking With A Face Mask [3 Things You Should Consider]

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Hiking is an excellent way to reconnect with nature and enjoy the countryside. Although you may not come into contact with many people, hiking with a face mask can make you feel safer than without one. 

While hiking, it is essential that you can breathe freely. So what should you consider when buying a face mask for your next hiking trip? You will want to buy a material that allow for air flow, comfort, and whether it is antibacterial for long uses.

Face mask being worn while hiking
Many people want to wear a face mask during this time while hiking

What material should you get?

You can get sports specific face masks that come with built-in air vents, helping to increase airflow. When you are out hiking, and need more air due to the exertion, you likely will want to breathe as freely as when you didn’t need to wear a mask.

Avoid cotton face masks for intense exercise as they can restrict the airflow and only worsen if they get damp, even just from the condensation caused by breathing. 

Depending on the climate you are hiking in, you may need to wear a neck warmer anyway. So if you get one that is both warm and breathable, you can use this to double up as a face mask and a covering. Neck-warmers are a convenient face covering and can easily be removed from the face to take a swig of drink or snack without completely taking it off. 

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Thinking about face mask comfort

When hiking with a face mask, you also need to think about your comfort. You are out in nature and there to enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife. The last thing you need to be thinking about is a chaffing facemask that is causing you irritation.

Therefore if you want more protection than the face-covering provided by a neck warmer, you should take with you a face mask that has adjustable straps. The straps mean that you can easily adjust the size and tie it to your belt or backpack when you do not use it. 

Antibacterial masks

Suppose you are hiking for an extended period and looking to camp overnight. You should get an antibacterial face mask. The antibacterial treatment will help keep your face mask fresh and clean if you cannot wash it regularly. 

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Although you may not be expecting to meet anyone while hiking you should still be prepared and take a face mask or covering that is breathable, comfortable, adjustable and antibacterial.