This Cat House Is The Perfect Addition To Your Office

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Have you ever found yourself wishing your cat had somewhere else in your office other than on your lap, or better yet your laptop while you work? Well, I have the perfect solution for you.

The Lurvig Cat House from Ikea is an awesome solution to give your cat a great place to hang out while you are working away!

We have been using one of these for a couple years now in our home, and our cat really really enjoys it!

It essentially is one of those 13″ by 13″ squares that you put in those square cabinets you can buy about anywhere. However instead of being storage, it has a hole cut in the front that allows your cat to lay in it (bottom pad is included when you buy it online it seems).

It’s a lot of fun getting to hear my cat snore while I work away throughout the day!

He even hangs out in it while we aren’t around. It’s his own little spot.

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Where to buy it?

Unfortunately the one we have can only be bought at Ikea! However you can click the button at the bottom of this article to buy it.

That said! It also is the only place I have ever seen anything like this, so thankfully you can buy one online for yourself.