Top 13 Best Pickup Truck Related Gifts in 2023

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Owning a pickup for many is just a-to-b transportation, or just used for work. However, for many people, owning a truck is something that they enjoy, like to fix up, and have fun taking care of. With that in mind, we have compiled 13 items that you could buy for Christmas, Birthdays, or any gift-giving holiday. These aren’t just novelty gifts but are items that they will use regularly.

Our FavoritesThe Product
Best Inexpensive GiftXprite Truck Bed Lighting
Best for Truck Bed AccessUniversal Tailgate Step Ladder Assembly
Best for OrganizationRatcheting Cargo Stabilizer Bar
Best for SecurityHitchSafe Keyvault Receiver Safe
Best Truck ModRough Country 2″ Leveling Kit

1. Universal Tailgate Step Ladder Assembly

Getting into the bed of your truck can be a pain, especially if your truck is lifted (see the 2″ lift kit lower down in this list), so making it easier to gain access to the truck’s bed can be a great deal. While some pickups already have steps built in like the Ford F-150 Raptor SVT pictured above, not every truck does!

With that said, check out the Chiying Universal Tailgate Step Ladder! This handy ladder is made of high-grade steel and is light in weight, but strong and durable. Installation is a breeze – just drill holes with an electric drill in the optimal location on your truck, and you’re good to go! Plus, their quality guarantee ensures that you’ll be happy with your purchase.

I am a huge fan of these step ladder modifications, and they can be extremely helpful for most pickup truck drivers!


  • Extremely easy to gain access to your truck bed
  • Easy to install
  • Not a permanent install
  • 300 pound load capacity
  • Folds up onto your tailgate


  • You do have to drill into the back of your tail gate

2. Ratcheting Cargo Stabilizer Bar

Right now, as I write this article, I have a tub in the back of my truck that carries extra supplies like coolant, oil, ratchet straps and more. However it is constantly moving around in the bed of my truck, and having a stabilizer bar like this would help it stay in place. It also can help with groceries, building supplies and more.

This Reese Explore Ratcheting Cargo Bar is the perfect way to keep your cargo from shifting. The ratchet provides maximum hold, and with cushioned pads for a secure grip, it won’t scratch your car. The adjustable paddle handle lets you customize the bar to fit any vehicle, while the no-tool design means it’s easy to use.

If you are someone that likes to keep their truck bed organized (without going all out), then this stabilizer bar is probably for you.


  • Keeps items from rolling around in your truck bed
  • Padded supports to keep from damaging bed
  • No tools needed to install
  • Completely adjustable for different sized truck beds
  • Inexpensive


  • Lacks small adjustments for perfect fit

3. HitchSafe Keyvault Receiver Safe

We talk a lot about safes on this site, and even in depth with vehicle safes. However if you want something that you can quickly throw your keys into when out at the lake, but still keep them locked, this HitchSafe is an awesome option.

With HitchSafe, you can securely store your keys, cards, and other valuables without having to worry about losing them. This high-impact aluminum hitch receiver is the perfect place to store your spare key, and it installs in seconds with no tools required.

So you may be thinking, wouldn’t this be obvious on your hitch? Yes, normally, however they include a dust cover which acts as a way to keep the safe hidden from prying eyes. You will want to make sure you stay out of sight though, when storing something in it.


  • Locks to your hitch
  • Easy access to the lockable storage
  • High quality build
  • Mechanical locking mechanism


  • Is out in the open
  • Small space for storage

4. Xprite Truck Bed Lighting

If you have something like a Tonneau Cover, or if you use your truck a lot after the sun sets, you likely have run into where the truck bed is just too dark, and makes it unsafe to be in the bed during the dark. Getting some great bed lighting is an awesome way to fix that.

Featuring 72 ultra-bright LEDs in total, these Xprite Truck Bed Lighting kits are perfect for adding a touch of personality – and extra safety – to your ride. The built-in weather seal ensures that they’ll keep shining even in harsh conditions, while the small size makes them easy to hide out of sight. So deck out your truck with the Xprite White Truck Pickup Bed Light Kits today!


  • Remote controlled
  • Universal
  • Great for keeping your truck bed safe at night
  • Inexpensive


  • There are nicer kits out there

5. Ventshade Window Rain Guards

I am a huge fan of rain guards on my truck windows. They make it so you can open your windows a little bit, even when it is raining!

Install Auto Ventshade’s In-Channel Ventvisor on the window channel for a sleek, streamlined appearance. The tinted, reinforced acrylic is UV and scratch-resistant and car wash safe. It allows fresh air to naturally circulate through open windows while keeping the rain out.

This product reduces heat build up in parked vehicles by allowing a window to be kept partially open. Installs in minutes, no drilling or special hardware required.


  • Keeps rain out of your vehicle
  • Looks great on most trucks
  • Allows for airflow in the cabin when it is raining outside


  • Does change the styling of the vehicle (if you don’t like the style, this can be a downside)

6. WeatherTech Bump Hitch Step

On the note of the step ladder that we talked about earlier in this article, we also have hitch steps. This essentially turns your hitch into a step. While it isn’t quite as usable as the ladder above, it is much smaller, and can be used when your tail gate is up.

Stay safe and stylish while protecting your vehicle with the WeatherTech Macneil Bump Step. This easy-to-install step bumper is perfect for avoiding scratches, dents and other damage caused by careless drivers. Plus, it provides easy access to your truck bed – perfect for loading and unloading cargo. So protect your investment with the best around: WeatherTech Macneil Bump Step.

This brand is also well known for being one of the best automotive accessory companies out there, making high quality products.


  • Made by WeatherTech
  • Easy to utilize
  • Very easy to install on your truck
  • Inexpensive modification


  • Only works when tailgate is up, not down

7. Lund Truck Bed Extender

Have you ever felt like your truck bed is just a bit too short, and wish you could fit a bit more into it?

The Lund-in-Motion truck bed extender is the perfect solution for hauling large items or securing small cargo. This handy accessory easily flips out with the tailgate down to extend the cargo area of your truck bed, and flips in and closes the tailgate to keep smaller items contained.

It can be quickly removed from the bed with quick disconnect mounting brackets, making it easy to use on all full-size and mid-size pickup trucks. The black powder-coat finish will look great with any truck.

These bed extenders are awesome, because you can use them with the tailgate down to extend the bed, and then they fold up into the bed and act as a bed divider to keep things from rolling around.


  • Multi-purpose use
  • Makes it so you can buy a shorter bed truck for better maneuvering
  • Made by a respectable brand
  • Easy to install


  • Does take up space in your bed when not in use
  • Bulky(ish)

8. Race Face Tail Gate Bike Pad

Many pickup owners are also into mountain biking! However one of the biggest struggles of enjoying both things, is how to transport your cycle in the back of your truck without damaging it. That is where a tail gate pad comes into the picture.

This RaceFace’s T2 Tailgate Pad is perfect for road trips with the crew. This updated pad offers secure closure to keep bikes from shifting into each other on windy or rough roads, while an adjustable rear-camera panel offers proper fitment on nearly any truck.

If you want to easily put your bike in the back of you truck, for a damage free ride, you can’t go wrong with one of these.


  • Protects bicycles easily
  • Allows for transportation of multiple cycles
  • High quality brand


  • Can damage vehicle if left on due to dust and grime build up

9. Napier Backroadz Truck Bed Tent

Who doesn’t like to go off-roading? Who doesn’t like to stay the night outside when going off-roading? If that sounds like the person you are buying this gift for, then a truck bed tent is an awesome gift.

This mesh-top tent is perfect for camping trips, with large windows and a full rainfly to provide ventilation and protection from the weather. Setup is a breeze, with a color-coded pole and sleeve assembly that makes set-up a snap. And when nature calls in the middle of the night, you can rest easy knowing your truck is providing added security!

Plus, for every Backroads Tent purchased, Napier will plant a tree through their partnership with Trees for the Future. So get ready to enjoy some serious relaxation time under the stars with the Napier Backroadz Truck Tent.


  • Easy to set up in the bed of a truck
  • Is great for overlanding
  • Great for getting outdoors


  • Not great for someone that doesn’t like camping

10. ECOTRIC Recovery Traction Boards

Does the person you are buying truck related gifts for like to off-road? Regardless of your answer, traction boards make a great gift. For those that don’t off-road, they can look like they do (let’s be honest, most people with traction boards don’t actually use them), and for those that do off-road, these boards are invaluable.

With a double ramp design and reinforced strong nylon material, these boards provide super strength and durability – perfect for overcoming sand, mud, snow, or any other type of terrain. The U-shaped surface design also increases stability and prevents side slip, making it easy to get your car moving again.

Stay safe off-road, and make sure you have a backup plan for when you get stuck in the wilderness.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Will get you unstuck in a pinch
  • Won’t damage your tires


  • Are bulky, and take up space in a truck

11. Rough Country 2″ Leveling Kit

Did you just buy a giant set of tires and wheels, but realize that you can’t fit them in your front wheel wells? Are you tired of your truck looking so low in the front? That is where a leveling kit comes in.

Rough Country’s 2″ strut mount leveling kit is your answer! This easy-to-install bolt-on kit gives you increased ground clearance and allows you to fit up to a 32″ tire, without the hassle of disassembling your struts. With a unique design that doesn’t require strut removal, this kit is perfect for anyone looking to quickly level their truck. Get that killer look in no time flat with Rough Country!

Keep in mind though, the reason your truck has a steep rake, is to account for towing. So adding a leveling kit may make your nose go up when carrying a heavy load.


  • Lifts up the front end of the truck so it is level with the rear
  • Makes trucks look better
  • Helps you fit larger tires on trucks for better capability


  • Can effect visibility when towing

12. AmeriLite LED Headlight Assemblies

One of the main upgrades I have made to my pickup is replacing the old headlights with some better ones! They aren’t nearly as expensive as you may think they are.

AmeriLite LED Plank Bar Chrome Replacement Headlights Assembly is the perfect choice for those who want to improve their visibility while enhancing the safety and appearance of their vehicle. These headlights are made with high-power LEDs, providing great visibility both during the day and at night.

They’re also direct OEM replacements, making installation a breeze – no modifications needed!


  • Generally easy to install
  • Can help with visibility at night
  • Major aesthetic improvement, especially to older trucks
  • LED driving lights help with visibility to other drivers during the day


  • Some people may struggle with the install if they are not great with tools

13. Chemical Guys Detailing Kit with Foam Gun

Everyone needs to keep your truck clean, not just for making it look better, but also to keep it from rusting away. Why not get that truck owner the best gift possible with a full kit by Chemical Guys (one of the best of the best).

This ultimate collection of car wash supplies includes everything needed to clean and maintain a beautiful shine on any car or truck. The Foam Gun hooks up to any standard hose, making cleaning your car fast, easy, and fun for the entire family. So get your hands on this kit today and start enjoying those foamy fun days washing your car!

These kits make awesome gifts!


  • Includes the foam gun, which makes your cleaning abilities official
  • High quality cleaning supplies
  • Comes with everything, even the bucket


  • Is a bit expensive compared to others

Keep quality in mind

Truck owners don’t like to be ungrateful, however there is generally a line they draw in the sand when it comes to quality of what they are using. Make sure to keep an eye on the quality of your gift, and don’t try to spend the least amount possible when it may affect the quality. Using a cheap leveling kit can be dangerous, buying cheap bed lighting can burn out, and more.

What is your budget?

You should always set a budget before you start your shopping! This will help you determine what you can afford at what quality. If you have a small budget, think about getting the best version you can buy of an inexpensive product.

Where does the person you are buying this for live?

Pickup truck owners in different areas of our country need different things for their trucks! People that live in the snow need great snow tires, and even better cleaning supplies to keep road salts from rusting away the bottom of the truck.

If they live in the desert, they will need things like traction boards to get them out of the sand! Different tools for different areas.

Is this person good with tools?

Before you buy a modification for a truck, make sure to keep an eye on what is needed to use that gift. If the person you are buying this gift for has never turned a wrench, then the step ladder at the top of this article is not going to work, as it requires drilling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I protect my new truck?

Protecting your new truck doesn’t have to be that hard. Make sure to keep it clean inside and out, and you won’t have to worry about rust or damage to the vehicle. We also recommend using ceramic coatings to keep your paint shining.

What should I upgrade on my truck first?

Upgrading your truck can be a big deal, and a ton of fun! My first upgrade when I buy a truck generally has to do with the floor. You should make sure to keep your carpeting clean by buying a full kit of carpet protectors.

How can I improve my truck performance?

The best and most effective way to improve your truck performance is to upgrade your tires. No, not the engine, but the tires. Tires will help you move around quicker, and can help you on off-road excursions.


When shopping for pickup truck-related gifts, it’s important to consider what the recipient will use and enjoy most. While some gifts, like a leveling kit or headlight assemblies, are more practical, others, like a detailing kit or tailgate bike pad, are perfect for those who love spending time outdoors or taking care of their car. No matter what you choose, make sure it’s something that the pickup truck lover in your life will appreciate and use often.