Vehicle Cargo Box vs Cargo Bag: What is the difference?

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Cargo bags and rooftop cargo boxes each serve a significant function in their unique ways: Although the cargo box offers a sizable capacity as well as resistance to the elements, cargo bags offer the added convenience of being gear that can be shifted and space that can be folded.

Both of them can be used for storage, but their appearances and the capacities they offer are different.

It is necessary to differentiate between the two rooftop storage: cargo bags and cargo boxes, before actually deciding on purchasing. As stated, both provide total cargo functionality for your car. However, there are notable differences between them.

Cargo Box: The Upsides & Downsides

Many companies produce cargo rooftop storage that can transport anything from simple belongings to high-end mountain bicycles.

Such simple feats of innovation help a person to relish their personal favorite space-intensive tasks without spending big bucks more on a more significant pickup or converting van.

Advantages of Cargo Box

1. Security

In comparison to a vintage roof rack, you must be able to easily find a roof box with a superior locking system. Your costly suspension system or checked bags is highly likely to be so much more secure in a cargo container than if they were simply secured to your rear bumper.

2. Weight Distribution

Contrary to a rear-mounted cargo bag, a good cargo box provides markedly improved weight distribution. The loads are transferred from across the vehicle instead of being concentrated in the trunk.

3. Weather Resistant

No company says their roof cargo box seems to be hundred percent weatherproof. Still, when properly installed and shut, a roof-mounted cargo box will provide sufficient weather protection, especially when compared to the standard roof rack.

Disadvantages of Cargo Box

  1. To place a cargo box on the car, you will need a hardtop.
  2. Reasonably priced compared to cargo bags.
  3. More challenging to install, and you may be obligated to pay for setup.
  4. When not being used, they can be difficult to store and turn up much space.

Cargo Bags: What is great, and not-so-great?

Cargo bags like this one expand the carrying capacity of cars, enabling passengers to bring along a greater number of belongings on excursions across the country, in the great outdoors, and for many other activities.

These bags are available in a wide range of configurations, dimensions, and materials to accommodate a wide variety of vehicles and applications. Because there is such a large array of rooftop bags accessible, it may be difficult for you to choose the one that is most suited to your needs.

Advantages of Cargo Bags

1. Increased safety

Placing too much cargo in the rear of an SUV or wagon can be risky since it can obscure your rearward view. By utilizing a roof bag, users significantly limit the quantity of luggage in the trunk and improve the rear visibility.

2. Flexible storage

Rooftop bags are great for storing weirdly shaped goods like sports goods and musical equipment because they are constructed of flexible fabrics.

3. Improved passenger comfort

Obtaining rooftop bags for the vehicle will alleviate your room and crowding issues. Previously kept rear-seat belongings can now be placed on the rooftop. This adds greater space for all your companions, letting them to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Disadvantages of Cargo Bags

  1. Cargo boxes are less safe and simpler to get into.
  2. Less sturdy and more susceptible to damage and tear than cargo boxes.
  3. You may be forced to operate by strapping close to the head.
  4. More prone to scrape the car’s roof.

Which is Which: Cargo Box or Cargo Bag?

If you need extra rooftop storage in or on the vehicle, you may address the problem with either cargo bags or cargo boxes; the question is, which of these is best for you?

1. Space

Regarding the amount of space available, they are roughly equivalent. As it comes to capacity, cargo packs and boxes are readily available in a variety of sizes that are interchangeable with one another. However, regarding the experiences of previous users, packaging into the soft shell typically provides more wriggle space than putting it into a protective shell.

2. Price

If you still do not have a roof rack, purchasing cargo bags is the more cost-effective option in comparison to purchasing cargo boxes.

3. Storage Capacity

The convenience of stretching a cargo bag and stowing it away is one of the many perks offered by this type of bag. On the other hand, you will need to find a particular location for a cargo container, or you may just keep it on the roof of the car forever.

4. Security

Cargo boxes offer a level of protection for your goods that is incomparably superior to that of a cargo bag. Because of their robust shell, they are easier to secure, and they often have improved resilience to force.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a cargo box be too long?

Cargo boxes can be too long! If you have a shorter vehicle, you may find that the box hangs forward too far, or too far in the back of the vehicle. This can either affect your vision forward or backward, but will also make your vehicle longer, making it more difficult to park. Finally, it can make it so that your rear hatch may not be able to open in the case of an SUV or hatchback.


While cargo boxes are far superior to cargo bags in terms of safety, security, and sturdiness, cargo bags seem to be the definite victor in terms of usability and cost.

Overall, the two rooftop storage cargo boxes are head and shoulders above cargo pouches.

Cargo bags are more straightforward to store, much less expensive, and still provide a sufficient level of safety for your belongings.

Cargo boxes are the better choice if you frequently transport fragile items or large quantities of gear, but they come at a higher price tag. Cargo bags offer a good mix of affordability and utility and should be the go-to choice for