3 Reasons why whole Coffee Beans better than Ground coffee

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If you ask any coffee connoisseur for their number one tip to making a higher quality mug of coffee at home, chances are they’re all going to say something similar. The answer will come down to use coffee beans or ground coffee.

Most will tell you to stop buying pre-ground coffee and start using whole coffee beans. And there are 3 main reasons why, due to pre-ground going stale quickly, you don’t have any flexibility on type of grind, and the inability to control your flavor.

1. Pre-ground coffee goes stale

The biggest issue I have to deal with when you buy a bag of pre-ground coffee is that as soon as it’s ground it goes stale. Ground coffee remains fresh for 1 to 2 weeks.

Unfortunately, by the time it’s roasted processed ground packaged and shipped the process made it started a few months ago and as a result it’s lost much of its sugar content and its natural aromas.

Another factor is that as soon as coffee is ground it loses most of its flavor in under an hour the grinds are so small that it’s instantly exposed to oxygen and decays. Instead of getting a coffee that’s full of natural sugars, gentle acids and smooth aromas, you’re getting a mug of harsh bitterness.

2. Grind you beans to fit your purpose

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all ground coffee. The vast majority of pre-ground coffee on the market is only fit for one purpose, which is your standard drip coffee pot.

There’s no denying that it’s convenient but if you want to make Nespresso pour over coffee or even a French press, the coffee grind you use should be paired to the type of coffee you want to make otherwise it’s just not going to taste right.

Getting your grind size cranked just takes a little practice its something that you simply cannot do when you’re buying a pre-round coffee.

3. You can control the flavor

When you purchase a pre-ground coffee, they predetermine the flavors. Unfortunately, if you buy one you don’t like you’re stuck with it.

When you’re working with coffee beans if you make it grind that you don’t like you can change the grind size which will directly affect how your coffee tastes.

Even though a subtle change in the size of your coffee grind can directly affect how your mug of coffee tastes.

The myth of brewing with whole beans is expensive

I know I used to feel this way, and I am sure many others feel the same way. That brewing coffee with whole beans is more expensive than with ground. However this just isn’t the case!

All you need is some basic equipment and the want for a great cup of coffee.

Just last night, I was looking at some whole beans for just under $7 per pound, making it cheaper than the ground coffee option.

So all you need is coffee like that, a cheap coffee grinder (but not a blade grinder) and whatever coffee maker you currently have to get started!

If I were to buy another manual coffee grinder on the cheap, I would recommend this one.

However if you aren’t too worried about price, and want a good automatic coffee grinder, this one is awesome, and you should get it.

Grinding coffee, an overview

Brewing speed is determined by your coffee grounds size

If you want to make a quick mug of coffee, you need to make small grounds. I say what to extract faster if you want a more flavorful mug of coffee with a larger ground, as this will take longer to brew.

The greatest joy of working with coffee beans is that you can experiment with your grind size every time you make a fresh blue until you make your perfect mug of coffee.

Coffee doesn’t have to be bitter

When working with freshly roasted coffee beans you don’t have to settle for a better bag of coffee if you grind them in a coarser way you slow down the extraction rate and end up with a more balanced full flavor.

Coffee doesn’t have to be sour

On the flip side you can underground coffee if you’re working with coffee granules that are too large they don’t extract correctly and your coffee can be sour. Simply grind it slightly finer and it solves your problem.


Honestly, between you and I, I use an array of different coffees. This includes pre-ground and whole bean coffee! I definitely do get the best taste out of a whole bean coffee that I just ground, however its difficult to get past just how easy it is to make a cup of coffee with that pre-ground coffee I have.

It really is up to your preference, not just in general, but also in your day-to-day coffee brew!