Can you brew coffee with Whole Beans (Not Ground)?

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It’s safe to say that everybody who enjoys a good cup of coffee has wondered if you can brew coffee from whole beans. After all, the ground coffee comes from the whole beans and so it should be possible.

So can you brew coffee from whole beans? You can brew coffee from whole beans it just takes longer to brew. The average cup of coffee will take about one hour to brew this way. You would put the beans in boiling water, and then wait for the coffee to brew. Then you will need to separate the coffee from the beans with a strainer and you will have your fresh cup of coffee.

How do you brew the beans

Brewing with whole beans simply a matter of finding a coffee maker that comes with a strainer built-in. Làgostina sells one right here, as well as other different brands such as Belwares French Press coffee maker are available. What these models have is a strainer mechanism that separates the beans in this case from the coffee that is made.

  1. Place your coffee beans in the french press.
  2. Fill it with boiling water.
  3. Let sit for a long while until you get the darkness that looks right to you.
  4. Press down on the strainer to separate the beans from the coffee.
  5. Pour out the coffee into another vessel, so that it is no longer extracting from the beans.
  6. You may need to add water so that the coffee is to your liking.
  7. Add milk, and anything else you like in your coffee.

Is there another way to brew the beans?

A less common way to brew the beans would be to put them in a jar of boiling water, then wait for the beans to make the coffee.

You will then need a strainer to separate the beans from the coffee, but you will have a brewed cup of coffee as well.

This site over here actually does a great job of teaching this method!

Pros and cons

While this extremely unusual way of brewing coffee is possible, there is of course quite a few pros and cons to this brew method.


  • You will never have to worry about uneven grinding from your grinder and the bitter and sour taste that goes with it.
  • You can keep your coffee fresher for longer without the worry of oxidation that comes from ground coffee.
  • Your coffee will last longer and taste better for longer as it stays in its bean form.


  • You will have to buy a new coffee maker if you don’t already have one that will strain the beans.
  • You will have to wait almost one hour for the beans to brew and then you may have to reheat your coffee or adjust the amount of water afterwards to your taste.
  • If you have a working grinder and an airtight container to put the ground coffee into, it might not seem to be a good idea to wait an hour for a cup of coffee to be made.

Do I recommend making coffee with whole beans?

While this method can be done, and some people may want to try it, I don’t really recommend this method of making your coffee. It takes too long, doesn’t make a good enough cup of coffee, and there are just much better ways to make your morning coffee.

If you are struggling with your coffee grinder, or just don’t want to deal with coffee grinding, you are better off buying pre-ground coffee at the store. It will taste better and take less of your time.

That isn’t an option for you? Then I recommend getting whole beans, but finding a store that can grind your coffee for you right there. Then it will be as fresh as it can be, and maintain the oils that you like in your cup of coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do whole beans take longer to brew coffee?

It’s all about surface area. When you grind up coffee beans, you get considerably more surface area on the thousands of ground particles. However when you are using whole beans, you have less surface area. As a secondary item, whole beans also have a protective oily layer on the outside, that makes it more difficult for the water to get through and saturate.

Can I make cold brew coffee with whole beans?

It technically is possible to make cold brew coffee with whole beans. You would basically take your whole beans, put it in a container and steep it for 12-24 hours or until the coffee is dark enough for your liking.

Can you brew raw coffee beans?

You cannot brew coffee with raw coffee beans unfortunately. Roasting coffee beans is what brings out the flavor, oils and everything you need to make some good coffee. Its kinda like how you don’t want to eat raw steak, because the taste come from cooking it on the grill.

If you want to only slightly roast your coffee though, you can always make white coffee.

Recommended Gear

So you want to give this strange brew method a try? You are going to need a couple different components.

Once you have tried this method, and found that you probably don’t like it… I would recommend getting yourself a high quality coffee grinder (but not a spice grinder). This Ode Brew Grinder is an awesome coffee grinder for home setups, and you should probably just go ahead and get it.


It may be something of a different way of making a cup of coffee but I think with all the advantages to brewing with whole beans that it might be worth a try.

Especially if your grinder breaks down and you are desperate for a coffee, this could be your solution for your morning ritual.