Ceramic vs Glass Coffee Mugs: Which holds heat better?

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When it comes to choosing a coffee mug, there are many factors to consider. Material is one of the most important factors, as it can affect heat retention, durability, and even flavor. Two popular materials for coffee mugs are ceramic and glass. But which one is the better choice?

When it comes to heat retention, ceramic mugs have an edge over the glass. Ceramics is a poor conductor of heat, meaning that it doesn’t remove the heat from the coffee. However, glass mugs have one big advantage over ceramic: they don’t absorb the flavors of your coffee. So if you like to switch up your coffee flavors frequently, a glass mug is the way to go.

What is a ceramic coffee mug?

A ceramic coffee mug is a mug that is made out of ceramic. Ceramics is a material that is made out of clay and other minerals. It is fired in a kiln at high temperatures.

Ceramic mugs are usually glazed on the inside and outside. This helps to make them more durable and gives them a smooth finish. Ceramic mugs are popular because they are generally dishwasher-safe and microwave safe.

They are also very affordable. You can find ceramic mugs in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs. Whether you’re looking for a simple mug or something more decorative, you’re sure to find a ceramic coffee mug that suits your needs.

What is a glass coffee mug?

A glass coffee mug is a type of mug that is made out of glass. It is typically used for drinking coffee, tea, or other hot beverages. Glass mugs can be clear or colored, and they often have a handle to make them easier to hold. It is also quite common to see double walled glass mugs, which have a layer of air between the two pieces of glass. This helps retain some heat, but more importantly keeps your fingers from getting burned while holding it.

Some glass mugs also have a lid to keep the contents hot. Glass coffee mugs are popular because they are easy to clean, and are extremely cool to look at. They also do not absorb flavors from the drinks like some other materials can.

Glass vs Cermic Coffee Mugs: Which keeps your coffee warm longer?

One of the perennial debates among coffee drinkers is whether glass or ceramic mugs are the best way to keep your coffee warm. There are some passionate proponents of both materials, and each has its advantages.

Glass mugs are often preferred for their ability to retain heat. Because glass is a poor conductor of heat, it can help to slow down the cooling process, keeping your coffee hot for longer.

Ceramic mugs, on the other hand, offer greater insulation. The thicker walls of a ceramic mug help to create a barrier against heat loss, making it the perfect choice for those who want their coffee to stay piping hot.

In the end though, ceramic mugs win out as the coffee mug that helps retain heat in your drink the best! It’s thick walls outweigh the poor conductor of heat that the glass mugs have.

Pros and cons of each material


  • Keeps coffee hot for longer periods of time
  • Can be microwaved
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Inexpensive
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Does not absorb flavors from coffee
  • Heat resistant
  • See-through so you can easily gauge how much coffee is left
  • More expensive than ceramic
  • Can break more easily than ceramic

How to choose the best type of material for your needs

The best type of coffee mug for you depends on your personal preferences and needs. If you like to drink coffee that is hot and want to keep it hot for as long as possible, then a ceramic mug is the way to go.

If you prefer to drink pure coffee or want to be able to see how much coffee is left in your mug, then a glass mug is the better choice. Consider your needs and choose the type of coffee mug that will suit you best.

What are some ways to help your coffee stay hot longer?

While we may be talking specifically about glass and ceramic, and if they retain heat, there are some external things you can be doing to give either material its best chance!

  1. Heat up the mug before you pour your coffee in. This can be done by pouring boiling water into the mug for 30 seconds or so, and then pour it out, and replace it with your coffee. Pre-heating your mug makes it so it won’t remove heat from the coffee once it is in there. If you don’t feel like boiling water, don’t worry, hot tap water works too.
  2. Put a lid on it. Many mugs out there have lids you can place on it! This helps keep the heat from dissipating into the air, and instead stays in the mug. If your coffee mug doesn’t have a lid, you can always put something like a saucer on top, and it will have a similar affect.
  3. Get a coffee mug warmer. Coffee mug warmers like this one have a filament inside of them that will heat your coffee up, and keep it at temperature! Doing this means you don’t have to worry what material you use (don’t use plastic on these).

What are our favorite glass and ceramic mugs?

We have a complete buyers guide here of all of our favorite coffee mugs from all different categories, however, if you don’t want to read completely through that, here are our favorite glass and ceramic mugs.

Our Favorite Glass Mug: The Bodum Bistro 15oz Glass Latte Mug is our favorite glass coffee mug. Its simple design and clear construction make it perfect for everyday use, and its sturdy handle ensures that you won’t have to worry about dropping it.

The mug’s slightly flared lip makes it easy to drink from, and the wide base provides stability when you set it down. Best of all, the mug is dishwasher-safe, so you can easily clean it after each use. If you’re looking for a glass coffee mug that will last for years, the Bodum Bistro is a perfect choice.

Our Favorite Ceramic Mug: There are many reasons why the W&P Porter Ceramic Mug is our favorite ceramic coffee mug. Firstly, the design is simple and elegant, and it comes in a range of colors to suit any taste. The mug is also lightweight and dishwasher-safe, making it easy to use and care for.

But perhaps the best reason to choose the W&P Porter Ceramic Mug is that it keeps your coffee hot for longer than other mugs on the market, especially other ceramic mugs.

Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely cup at home or sipping on your way to work, you can be sure that your coffee will stay piping hot until the last sip. So if you’re looking for a ceramic mug that ticks all the boxes, the W&P Porter Ceramic Mug is a perfect choice.


In the end, neither ceramic mugs or glass mugs do an awesome job keeping your coffee hot. However, the ceramic mug wins out as the better option when it comes to this criteria! I hope this article helped answer your questions, and helped you keep your coffee warmer, longer.