Does using Two Filters make Coffee Stronger?

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Not many people know what double filter brew coffee is and even people who are familiar with this brew don’t know what the end outcome will be. Whether they’ll get the intended strength or not? Let’s explore the possibilities of the double filter brew!

Is it Possible to Add Double Strength to the Coffee through Double Brew?

Using two filters have a both positive and negative impact on the strength of the coffee. How can we state that? Well, the prepared brew will definitely taste somewhat stronger and it will be, but this strength would be much higher and this would certainly not be the best brew to have as the coffee won’t taste good and it will be under-extracted.

So will you get high-strength coffee with the double filter? Yes, you will. However, it’s best to not use 2 filters routinely. The use of 2 filters increases the time for brewing. The water flow is slow as the water would have to be passed through 2 filter layers. Therefore, the outcome of the brew is strong, bitter, and over-extracted.

Stronger Coffee with Two Coffee Filters

Without a doubt use of two coffees filter yields bold and strong coffee. How does this happen? Before getting into it, we have to understand coffee filters and what they do in the process?

The coffee filter has different functions. Additionally to filtering out certain elements of coffee, the coffee filter drastically slows the water flow. Thus, due to this reason, a total extraction of coffee grounds happens in the water.

Generally, coffee filters need some time for extracting flavors perfectly in the water.

With this being said, 2 coffee filters considerably increase the overall time required for brewing. As the ground mix and water stick together for a long time, the coffee will come out stronger because of this process.

Let’s discuss one thing here. When you’re making quick coffee, adding two spoonfuls instead of one would have double strength. However, while brewing it with ground coffee, it won’t work in such a manner.

Due to this reason, the recommended proportion of water should be added to ground coffee. You should only add the right amount of water for soaking ground coffee while extracting the flavors.

By adding water in less quantity the coffee would be less extracted. With too much water it gets over-extracted.

While using two filter bags, it would mean that you’re using only half the required amount of water. It means you don’t have much water flowing through for extracting the highest strength and flavor from the ground coffee.

How to Brew Double Coffee?

Two Times Ground Method – This is a great method for people who prefer drip coffee, but you need to ensure that your drip machine can handle higher than normal grounds! It is simple and quick and the best option for beginner at-home barista.

If you’ve not measured the coffee through a scale, it is recommended to have two tablespoons coffee grind for every six ounces of water. Thus, for double brew coffee, you’ll have to use 4 tbsp. for six ounces water.

Adding Coffee in Place of Water – This double filter coffee requires a little bit more work. You’ll need a French press or a percolator and drip coffee for this double brewing method.

Through Drip Coffee – Through an automatic drip machine brew the coffee in a normal way. Then, use the prepared coffee from the drip machine rather than using water in either percolator or French press.

Percolator Coffee Method – Make coffee normally through the percolator and allow the basket to cool down and do the process again, through using coffee rather than water, or use a French press on the second coffee round.

So why Brewing 2 Coffee Filters is Generally a Poor Idea?

Though the coffee would come stronger, it is typically discouraged to use 2 coffee filters to brew coffee. It is due to 2 reasons:

Using 2 filter clogs drip coffee machine. Due to extended extraction, the drip coffee machine has higher chances of overflowing and ultimately breaking down.

Coffee gets over-extracted, horrible-tasting, and bitter – Coffee filters have been designed to let the right amount for extraction. The use of two coffee filters significantly extends extraction time and yields a cup of bitter and over-extracted coffee.


Brewing two filter coffees yield bolder and stronger coffee but for higher strength, you’ll need more brew time as well. However, it is not recommended to use two filters to brew coffee. Not only you’ll brew over-extracted and bitter coffee, but you also risk breaking the automatic coffee maker. When you brew strong coffee, it is recommended to have other types of coffee grounds, like grounds sourced ethically.