Which is Better For You: A Coffee Maker or An Espresso Machine?

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There are a lot of coffee options out there. You have regular old drip coffee, French press coffee, and even fancy cold brews. But what if you want something with more flavor? That is where an espresso machine comes in handy!

Deciding between a good coffee maker, or an espresso maker is going to be a big task. In this article we are going to talk in depth about what a coffee maker is, what an espresso machine is, and how they differentiate themselves from each other.

However, if you don’t want to read too much, what is the main difference? Espresso machines tend to be more expensive, however you are going to get more taste, and flexibility out of them. Coffee makers are going to give you a basic coffee drink, however they will be easy, and generally less expensive to own and buy.

What is a coffee maker?

Coffee makers come in a wide array of styles, shapes, and sizes. Some coffee makers are small and can fit in the corner of your kitchen, while others take up a lot more space on top or under cabinets thanks to their larger size! There is no universal type that you should get because everyone has different tastes – so find one with features like auto timers for when it starts brewing at set intervals throughout each day (or night).

The way they work depends largely upon what kind: drip brewers pour hot water over ground beans inside an insulated carafe onto which fresh boiling-hot fluid drips from time; French Presses put coarsely grounded brews into individual cups after plunging them straight down through all grounds by hand using its plunger as filter before pouring out brewed liquid slowly.

There are of course even the automatic coffee makers (like this extremely nice Ratio Six) that everyone is used to seeing in the kitchen, and there are even coffee machines that use pods or capsules to produce perfect cups of espresso with just a few buttons.

What is an espresso machine?

[Image courtesy of Flair Espresso]

Espresso machines, or espresso makers differ from normal coffee makers in that they use pressure to force the water through a small amount of finely ground coffee beans, espresso grounds.

This process takes about 18-20 seconds for most machines and produces an extremely concentrated form with much higher caffeine levels than brewed coffees or teas as well many other differences in flavor profile not found just by brewing it “drip” style.”

This pressure brings out a very concentrated, and different taste than you will get from normal coffee makers. Espresso is going to have three different sections. The crema, body, and the heart. Whereas a drip coffee maker will essentially give you coffee.

One thing to keep in mind, is that espresso machines don’t have to be huge, or even electric. Most people are used to the huge units you see at the store, however there are plenty of smaller electric units, or even manual espresso makers like the Flair Espresso, or the Wacaco espresso maker that I actually own.

How is an espresso machine better than a coffee maker?

Espresso machines tend to be better than normal coffee makers for a couple different reasons.

The first is that the coffee from an espresso machine will be more concentrated.

The second reason would have to do with taste- it differs significantly because of how they are made and what type you get can differ greatly depending on where, but generally speaking I find a good cup tastes better in milky beverages like lattes, mochas and other types of drinks most people are used to getting from cafes.

The third benefit has everything related back once again too concentration – Espresso drinks often contain much higher caffeine levels as well so if this benefits your situation then consider getting one!

How is a coffee maker better than an espresso machine?

Now, espresso machines aren’t better than coffee makers in every way. Coffee makers excel in home use, as they tend to be easier to clean and take up less space.

They also have a smaller learning curve (for the most part), or can be completely automated, like you would see in a Keurig.

Coffee makers also make coffee that is more enjoyable for people in the mornings. Drip coffee tends to be less intense, and more relaxing over all.

Is a coffee maker or espresso machine cheaper?

This is probably the biggest differentiating factor for most people when deciding between a coffee maker, or an espresso maker.

Generally (and I mean generally) speaking, coffee makers are going to be cheaper.

Why? Well for starters, good espresso machines are expensive upfront, sometimes getting into the $1000 range for a home version. They require maintenance over time to keep them in good condition .

On the other hand, the average coffee maker on can be bought for as little as $30 (or less). I have even bought automatic coffee makers for as little as $10.

So is a coffee maker or espresso maker better for me?

If you are someone that is looking for a simple cup of coffee in the morning, with just a small amount of work, then a coffee maker is going to be best for you.

If you are someone that likes to take their coffee time a little more seriously, and enjoys having an espresso shot with milk in the morning (or any other drink), then going for something like an espresso machine is going to be your best bet.

Our Recommended Gear

Alright, so you have decided whether you want to get an espresso machine, or a coffee maker! Here are the ones we recommend!


No matter what camp you sit in, coffee is an awesome beverage! The espresso drinkers are willing to spend more, so that they can have what they enjoy.

However coffee maker people will be enjoying their simple cup of coffee in the mornings with their small amount of work.