All 4 Ford Vehicles With BlueCruise (Autonomous Driving) in 2023

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Semi-autonomous driving is the new biggest thing on the market today! While Tesla has Autopilot (doesn’t fully hold up to its name), and GM has Super Cruise, Ford has BlueCruise. Each of these is considered a level 2 autonomous driving, which we will get into later in this article.

In this article, we are going to detail all of the Ford vehicles that can come equipped with BlueCruise, and which trim levels you will need to make that happen. Without more to do, here they are!

1. Ford Expedition
The Ford Expedition is one of the best people movers on the market today, and with a recent upgrade, Ford is now adding BlueCruise standard to the Platinum trim level of both the standard Expedition, as well as the Max (longer wheelbase). Unfortunately, as of right now, you are unable to option out BlueCruise to any other trim level, however, you can get the lower-level CoPilot 360 on some lower-level trims.
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2. Ford F-150
If you are looking for BlueCruise, but also need a pickup bed, then the F-150 is going to be your best bet. The F-150 comes standard with BlueCruise on the Limited trim level only, however you can option it onto the Platinum level trim. Unfortunately, you are unable to get this assisted driving feature on the Tremor, Raptor (including the Raptor R), King Ranch, Lariat, XLT, and XL trims.
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3. Ford Mustang Mach-E
Ford is putting everything it can into the new Ford Mustang Mach-E and that includes its BlueCruise technology. Because of this, you can utilize BlueCruise in all of the different Mach-E trim levels, this includes the GT, California Route 1, Premium, and the base select trim levels of this electric crossover. This of course makes sense, as the Mach-E is meant to be one of their most tech-focused vehicles in the lineup.
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4. Ford F-150 Lightning
The Ford F-150 Lightning is the workhorse of Ford's electric vehicle program! While this is awesome for capability, this means the more tech-focused features are only reserved for the higher-end trim levels. This means that only the Platinum trim comes standard with BlueCruise, the Lariat has it available as an option, and neither the XLT nor Pro can be equipped with it (no matter how much you spend extra).
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What is BlueCruise?

BlueCruise is a level 2 autonomous driving system that is proprietary to Ford! While the name may be just for Ford, it is quite similar to Tesla’s Autopilot, GM’s Super Cruise, and even Nissan’s lesser-known ProPilot. Each of these essentially offers you to hand over the ability to accelerate, steer, and brake within set times while driving.

This generally means that you have to be on a pre-mapped highway and be within normal weather and driving conditions. This level of autonomous driving also requires you to be 100% paying attention to driving, and be ready to take over driving at a moment’s notice.

BlueCruise essentially uses a mixture of different sensors and cameras throughout the vehicle (including sensors to check if you are paying attention) to keep you centered in your lane, and the adaptive cruise control to pay attention to how fast you are going, and how close you are to other traffic on the road. BlueCruise will even change lanes, as long as you start the process by using the turn signal.

Why do you want BlueCruise?

BlueCruise and other Level 2 autonomous driving capabilities is a divisive topic in the industry right now, as many people use them and tend to find ways to not pay attention to the road.

However, its features do allow people to be more relaxed while driving, and focus more on the traffic on the road, rather than keeping the vehicle exactly at the right speed and centered in the lane. This can also allow people to drive for longer periods without fatigue. In the end, if you are someone that drives a lot, this feature may be great for you, however, keep in mind, the technology is still new, so drive and utilize it safely.

Does Ford charge for BlueCruise?

Your vehicle may be equipped with BlueCruise functionality, however, you may not be able to use it at the moment! On top of the initial hardware cost (whether it be standard or optioned to the vehicle), there is a 3-year plan that has an upfront cost of $600 to access the maps needed to utilize BlueCruise. These maps allow your vehicle to read where you are located, and drive accordingly.


Ford hasn’t quite rolled out BlueCruise to all of their vehicles, or even all of the trim levels of the vehicles it does offer it in. However, as the technology gets better, and more widely used by the public, you will likely see it more often in other vehicles within their lineup.