How to Clean a Stainless Steel Pan: The Complete Guide

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Stainless steel pans are a great addition to any kitchen. Not only do they look nice, but they’re also very durable and easy to clean. However, stainless steel can be a bit tricky to clean if you don’t know how to do it properly. In this guide, we will teach you how to clean a stainless steel pan in the most effective way possible. So whether your pan is dirty from cooking or has some stubborn stains, we have you covered!

Washing a stainless steel pan

The first thing you’ll need to do is gather your supplies. For this project, you’ll need dish soap (we like this one from Amazon), baking soda, white vinegar, and a soft cloth. Once you have everything, it’s time to start cleaning!

Begin by adding some dish soap to your pan and scrubbing it with a soft cloth. If there are any stubborn stains, you can add a bit of baking soda to help lift them. Once the pan is clean, rinse it off with water and dry it with a clean towel.

If your stainless steel pan has started to develop a patina, you can use white vinegar to remove it. Simply pour some vinegar onto a soft cloth and rub it into the pan in a circular motion. Rinse the pan off with water and dry it thoroughly.

How to clean a stainless steel pan with vinegar

If you’re looking for a natural way to clean your stainless steel pan, vinegar (like this one on Amazon) is a great option. Vinegar is a gentle cleaner that won’t damage your pan, and it’s also very effective at removing stains and build-up. To use vinegar, simply pour it onto a soft cloth and rub it into the pan in a circular motion. Rinse the pan off with water and dry it thoroughly. You’ll be amazed at how much brighter your pan will look!

How to clean stuck-on food from a stainless steel pan

If the above tips didn’t work, another things you can try to remove stuck-on residue is to add water, bring it to a boil and allow the food or residue to get unstuck. You can help this process by scraping it with a wooden spatula or kitchen utensil. Once the stuck-on stuff is gone, make sure to rinse it again with soapy water and dry.

How do you avoid food sticking to your stainless steel pan?

If you want to follow some simple steps to try to avoid food sticking to your pan in the first place, there’s a few things to consider. When cooking, always use stainless steel cookware on a medium-high to high setting. Make sure the oil is hot before adding your food. Add food to the pan in small batches so it has more surface area touching the pan, and don’t overcrowd the pan. Finally, try to not put frozen or very cold food into your pan as this can sometimes stick more easily. Instead, allow food to warm up a little before adding to them (but make sure your food — especially when dealing with raw meat or seafood — doesn’t get too warm and spoil).

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Can you use steel wool on a stainless steel pan?

You should avoid using steel wool on a stainless steel pan, as this can scratch the surface. If you need to scrub tough stains, we recommend using a nylon scrubber instead. With a little elbow grease, your stainless steel pan will be good as new!

Can you wash a stainless steel pan in the dishwasher?

Technically, most stainless steel pans are dishwasher-safe. However, we recommend hand-washing them whenever possible to prolong their lifespan.

Why does my stainless steel pan have rainbow spots? And how to get rid of them.

If you notice rainbow spots on your stainless steel pan, this is usually caused by heat exposure. These spots are harmless and will not affect the performance of your pan. If you want to remove them, you can try scrubbing the area with a nylon scrubber or white vinegar.


With these simple tips, you’ll be able to clean your stainless steel pan in no time! Remember to be gentle when scrubbing, as you don’t want to damage the surface. And if you’re ever unsure about something, feel free to contact a professional for help. Happy cleaning!