4 Reasons You Should Want a Roof Top Tent

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Rooftop tents are taking the camping world by storm. In not a short time, they have managed to gain the public’s attention, and it is not difficult to see why people love these tents so much. With more features than regular pop-up tents, easy setup, and ample space to accommodate a family, rooftop tents provide travelers with an altogether new experience when on vacation.

Rooftop tents are living accommodations on the roof of a vehicle, functioning as portable rooms. They usually have a lightweight and waterproof construction with minimal dimensions for easy transportation. Rooftop tents can serve many purposes, from adventure travel to recreational vehicles.

There are a lot of reasons why people choose to buy rooftop tents, but there is no one reason that is right for everyone which makes them so popular among families, young people as well as even older generations who would like to have some fun or take part in an activity together while being able to supply themselves with everything they need without having to leave the comfort of traveling their RV or car. Some people prefer this approach because it gives them freedom.

They don’t want to be hindered by paying too much money for a hotel room or being limited by the amount of time they can stay at a campground. So what makes them so special?

1. Price

These units come highly affordable compared to other tent models in the market today. Travelers can get high-quality products that will last long for less money than if they had purchased regular air mattresses or self-inflating beds. This means that you won’t miss out on fun activities just because you don’t have the extra cash to spend.

2. Space and comfort

Unlike regular tents, rooftop tents are designed for relaxation. They can accommodate up to six people, giving you plenty of room to stretch out without feeling claustrophobic. In addition, they have mesh windows that will allow air currents through during hot summer nights.

The beds on these units are fully padded and covered with a soft fabric that is water-resistant. Some even have internal electrical ports where users can charge their cell phones and other devices while they rest on vacation or set off on long family road trips in your pickup.

3. Versatility

You don’t just need rooftop tents for camping; they are also great for tailgating, boating excursions, and traveling to remote locations.

They are designed with a telescopic ladder that can be used when users want to access the canopy, and it folds into the body of the tent for easy storage when not in use. When open, there is enough room on top for an umbrella or a picnic table to further enhance your camping experience.

Some units have built-in lighting where you can plug in your reading lamp or iPod so you won’t miss out on any late-night fun, even if it’s pitch dark outside.

4. What are rooftop tents made of?

Most models are made with polyester and aluminum materials, including strong polymers that make them extra durable.

The canopy part is also heavy-duty and made to withstand heavy weather conditions generated by crosswinds or strong winds. Since they are usually black, rooftop tents provide excellent camouflage when campers want to set up their units in hidden locations.

These units allow for safe travel no matter where you go! They also come with a specific storage bag for easier carrying and transport of the product. Most models have small wheels on the bottom that make pushing or pulling them easy, especially when traveling on uneven terrain or hilly areas where regular wheeled tents would not work.

They can be expanded if you need more space which makes them grow with you as your family grows.


With so many rooftop tent options available in stores today, there seems like no end to what these wonderful products have to offer.

People who own them know just how amazing they are and once you have one, you will never go back to using regular tents again. Once you purchase your own rooftop tent, the memories that it brings to the family will be just as great as all of the other fun and exciting experiences that come with camping or traveling in a vehicle like an RV.

There is certainly no question why these types of units are growing popular among modern-day campers and travelers. They provide affordability for people who want to travel on a budget while still giving them an experience like no other when on vacation. All in all, they offer comfort, practicality, convenience, and above all – fun.