Scheels Outfitters Gun Safe: A Champion Safe In Disguise

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Have you been shopping for a gun safe at Scheels and wondered to yourself who makes their self branded gun safe? A quick search on their website gives a pretty good answer, as they also offer Champion Gun Safes. Yep, that’s right it is a rebranded Ironside series by Champion Safes.

The Scheels Outfitters 41 Gun Safe

As of this writing, Scheels seems to only sell one version of the Champion Safe and that is the 41 gun safe. For reference, here are the features, and specifications of the safe.

  • Price: $1,649.99
  • Locking mechanism: Sargent & Greenleaf Dial Lock
  • Steel thickness: 12 gauge
  • Fire rating: 60 minutes at 1350 degrees
  • Security Features: 4 sided bolt work, “tungsten steel hard-plate, with industrial diamonds bonded in critical locations”
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty through Champion Safes
  • Aesthetics: Textured Granite, external hinges
  • Additional Features


  • Dimensions: 60.25” High by 40” Wide by 29” Deep
  • Weight: 825 pounds

There are a couple big things that stand out to me with this gun safe that makes it a great value.

Firstly is the locking mechanism. With a Sargent & Greenleaf, it has the name brand quality which is awesome. With it being a dial lock as well it has the longevity that you would expect from a mechanical lock, and it also means you don’t have to deal with batteries dying. However there are of course downsides to this as well, you can read more about that in this article I wrote.

Secondly, is the Lifetime Warranty. I am a huge fan of lifetime warranties, as it gives a huge peace of mind. Now most warranties for most products are just for defects, however with gun safes, and more specifically with Champion Safes, they have a wide array of things that are warrantable that are really important.

This includes:

  • Workmanship
  • The paint
  • Break-ins
  • If a fire happens
  • And more…

So this all means that you are covered if basically anything happens to your safe.

Benefits of being built by Champion Safes

Champion Safes makes one of the best gun safes out there. While I wish more people knew about them, they do create some awesome gun safes.

Proven gun safes

This by far is the biggest reason that this works well. If Scheels went out to create and have their own safe built, or imported from out of country, they would have to have the burden of all the costs on that, and would have to have a team dedicated to be able to support them.

However because they now have Champion Safes backing them up, they don’t have to worry about that, and they can have all warranty going through Champion.

You have experts supporting your products, which is exactly what you want.

Personal customer support

They heavily push only selling their gun safes in smaller stores, and seems to really like working with those types of stores instead of huge retailers. This means you will get the best support possible.

USA Made Steel

While I can’t really give you facts on this, many people will say that steel from the USA is stronger than the exact same steel from China. I can’t really verify that, but it is definitely worth a thought!


This whole article is to say that this really is a great deal of a safe. You have the backing of both Champion Safes, as well as Scheels behind it. It also offers USA steel, a great company building it, an awesome lock and quite a bit more.

If you are in the market for a good safe, this one is definitely worth a look!

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