Should I put an aftermarket exhaust on my truck?

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What are aftermarket exhausts? An aftermarket exhaust system is an aftermarket addition to your truck’s original factory exhaust. It decreases the amount of toxicity in the air as it increases the power and gas mileage that your truck produces.

Should I put an aftermarket exhaust on my truck?

An aftermarket exhaust is an exhaust system that has not been factory installed. Aftermarket exhausts are typically installed to increase the performance and power of a vehicle and for cosmetic purposes.

However, some people purchase them just because they look cool on their car or truck. In recent years, these systems have become more of a necessity with the growing demands of the trucking industry.

When making this purchase, you want to be sure that you are getting what is right for your specific vehicle and needs.

There are many upsides to an aftermarket exhaust system.

A huge benefit of a new aftermarket exhaust system is the increase in performance and power output due to the removal of the catalytic converter (which can get clogged) located in your truck’s exhaust. This converter is meant to convert harmful gases into less harmful ones, but then taking off of this component enables that process not to take place resulting in more power for your truck. It should be noted, removing your catalytic converter is for off-road use only.

Along with a performance increase, some aftermarket exhausts will add horsepower or torque output as well. This added power will help you get up to speed with other trucks on the road, increase your top speed and offer more climbing power.

Many times these systems can be bought relatively cheap if you buy them used or refurbished. Some aftermarket exhausts come with a lifetime warranty, so even if you do purchase one that does network out, you can always find another one that is compatible with your truck.

Lastly, if you are looking for better fuel efficiency and lower emissions, aftermarket exhaust systems give you the ability to install a more efficient catalytic converter or even an oxygen sensor controller that will send off less harmful gases into the atmosphere. A new catalyst material called cerium oxide will reduce the amount of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons your truck produces, which in turn means cleaner air and more mileage.

Now for the downsides

An aftermarket exhaust system would offer no protection or safety features for you or your truck if you were to get into an accident. If anything, it would cause even more damage than sustained before. This is because you will lose your factory under-chassis protection and exhaust heat shields, which could potentially cause an electrical fire.

You also want to be careful what kind of engine modifications or performance parts you install with it as well. Too much power can cause serious damages and injuries if not installed correctly on your truck.

Proper installation is very important when installing an aftermarket exhaust system as well. If not installed correctly, you could cause damage to the vital components of your truck’s engine or even cause leaks in your fuel or oil lines which can lead to dangerous circumstances.

You may also want to check with your state’s regulations before making this purchase as well to avoid having your truck shut down by an officer.

Although there are many positive aspects of an aftermarket exhaust system, the downsides can outweigh the benefits if not purchased correctly and installed properly. When making this purchase, you want to be sure that it is right for your vehicle and that it will work with your specific needs.

It is important to note that not all exhausts are compatible with every truck, so you want to do your research before buying a system, or else it may be a waste of money and time.

Is cheap aftermarket exhausts bad for your truck?

Cheap aftermarket exhausts aren’t necessarily bad for your vehicle, but they can have a bunch of problems. Some of those problems could include: The muffler is very small, so the truck doesn’t as cleanly as it should and has less horsepower. The exhaust is built with cheap materials, so it will rust and corrode quickly. The exhaust might not fit properly on your truck, which can reduce the usable life of the exhaust system.

In conclusion, cheap aftermarket exhausts aren’t bad for your truck, but you need to know what the system will do before buying. If you are looking into an expensive system, then read more about them and find out what to look for before buying. It is always best to stay safe rather than sorry.