3 Reasons “The Puck” is Something You Should Buy

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I like products like this, where they are simple and easy to use and significantly impact your day-to-day life. In the security industry, this is important! If it isn’t easy, no one is going to use it.

The Puck is a tiny squirkle (a square with rounded edges) shaped device that measures humidity, temperature, movement, and whenever something like a drawer or safe is opened. You are notified immediately via phone if any of these measurements are triggered.

You may be asking yourself why any of those things would be needed! Well, they all have a purpose in some way!

Lockdown Puck Monitoring System
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11/21/2023 11:53 am GMT

1. Humidity Tracking

There are plenty of reasons to keep track of the humidity in your home. However, considering we talk so much about safes and security on this site, the primary one worth mentioning is ensuring that items in your safe are not damaged. 

Safes, in general, may not be airtight; however, there is minimal air movement in and out of the safe, which results in any moisture dropping down onto the paperwork, firearms, and valuables when the safe has not been opened recently.

Making sure you don’t allow your humidity to rise too much will keep that from happening, and the Puck is a fantastic way of tracking that and being notified before it becomes an issue. You can then adjust or recharge your dehumidifier (because you should have one) to minimize damage.

2. Temperature notifications

This can be used for quite a few different things:

  1. If your house is on fire, you should be notified.
  2. Quickly know how warm your place is without getting up off the couch.
  3. Keep track while you are away from home, and be aware of any abnormalities.

3. Movement tracking

Movement tracking is the most valuable part of this device! If you were to keep this in a safe, your tool chest, expensive car, jewelry storage, or anywhere else, you would want to know if someone was trying to access it. 

If someone were to try and access it without your knowledge, wherever this device is, you would be alerted and able to check in on it! Extremely helpful. While the primary place many people will keep it in their safes, you could keep it in jewelry cabinets, drawers, or anywhere else that might move a little bit if tampered with.


If you go on vacations and are always worried about someone accessing your home, safe or having you have visitors over a lot and worrying about them stealing things like jewelry, this is probably for you.

Lockdown Puck Monitoring System
Shop on Amazon Shop at Lockdown
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/21/2023 11:53 am GMT

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