5 Things You Didn’t Know About Vaultek

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This series has been a ton of fun, and I have gotten the chance to learn so much about different companies. This time, we get to hear the 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Vaultek.

Vaultek makes some of my favorite handgun, and rifle safes on the market. This includes my personal favorite the VT10i, that I wrote about in my review here.

[Background image courtesy of Vaultek]

I asked Vaultek to let me know which 5 things they thought their customers wouldn’t know, and the below is their answer! I hope you enjoy learning about them as much as I do.

1. Vaultek launched to build the highest quality products and service 

A small group of seasoned engineers and entrepreneurs decided to launch the Vaultek brand with the goal of designing and building the highest quality product providing true value to our customers and make a real contribution to the community.

This goal is extremely ambitious, as the industry is saturated by so many companies. However right when I got a chance to use a Vaultek product for the first time, I was thoroughly impressed. The quality, and usability is unmatched right now.

2. Market response has been overwhelming positive

An Amazon Best Seller, an Amazon Choice product, and an excellent TrustPilot score. Market response has been overwhelming positive. Customer’s rave about how their safes have filled the gaps where others lacked, and talk about how they can’t believe they thought of that.

Now, most companies that would state something like that, I would feel like it probably was just marketing. However I have spent a good amount of time with a Vaultek product and I can confirm it really is awesome and deserves this statement.

3. Vaultek stands behind their customers

We put in huge efforts to build the Vaultek products, and we put in an equal amount of effort to serve our customers. We listen to them carefully. We respond promptly to inquiries from our customers.

You can read a little more in depth about the company here in their about section of their site. However basically they read tons of customer reviews before they even started building the first Vaultek.

It is also awesome to see companies making a huge effort on the customer service end of things. That can make or break a company.

4. Vaultek is fast becoming a global brand

Available in 100 gun stores across the nation as well as dealers in Canada, Austria, Philippines, and Brazil. 

This is huge, being able to expand worldwide not only gives credibility, but also sales. And those sales mean they can create more and better products. I mean look at their rifle safe, the RS500i, it is rather impressive.

5. Vaultek’s first release

The first product to hit the market was the VT20i and VT20. A compact rugged smart safe. VT20i/VT20 is the first in the firearm industry to implement some advanced technologies including reinforced internal hinges, duel point latch mechanism, fully padded interior, rechargeable battery, and Bluetooth App to manage key functions of the safes.

This has a lot of truth to it, there are so many features in the Vaultek safes that you likely won’t even use them all, and that is okay! This just means that there are options for anyone in a Vaultek. Some of my favorite features are the reversible polarity battery, the great keypad, and the style in the VT10i that I have.


This series continues to be a lot of fun, and I enjoy getting to hear how businesses talk about themselves and what they feel like their customers should know about them.

Vaultek is quickly becoming a giant in the industry, and they continue to expand their product line. I’m just excited for them to take on Browning, Fort Knox, and Liberty with a large full size safe. The SR500i will have to do for now.