Top 6 Ways to Maximize Your Storage in the Pickup Truck Cab

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The pickup truck cab is one of the most important parts of a pickup truck, so it’s no surprise that many people are looking for ways to maximize their storage in this area. There are many different ways to do this, and you will have to figure out which way works best for your needs. We’ve found 8 great tips that can help increase your storage space inside your pickup truck cab!

Our FavoritesThe ProductRating
Best Under SeatDU-HA Lockbox4.5 / 5
Best Console SafeConsole Vault5 / 5
Best OrganizerStarlings Organizer4 / 5

1. DU-HA Lockbox Interior Lockable Storage and Gun Case

Du-Ha is one of the biggest names in the interior truck storage industry! They offer tons of different options to keep your truck neat. One of their best, and most popular products is this Lockbox Interior Lockable Storage. It basically takes the complete under-seat area of the rear seat, and turns it into a lockable storage container.

It works well for storing tools, valuables, extra things you don’t want rolling around the cabin and more. It also comes with some inserts that allow you to be able to store long guns with ease. They are hidden and locked, can’t ask for anything better than that!

This one right here is specific to GM trucks, however they have a huge range for all different trucks out there today!

I would really like to see a metal version of this though, to give it extra rigidity for a break in, however it definitely will do!


  • High quality product
  • Stores both firearms and other gear
  • Modular interior
  • Fits many different trucks
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not extremely secure

2. WeatherTech Under Seat Storage System

When it comes to pickup truck storage, keeping stuff organized under your rear seat is going to be one of the best places! It is out the way, easy to access, and is generally hidden from prying eyes.

If you are someone who prides themselves in owning WeatherTech, then you shouldn’t look any further than this Under Seat Storage System!

This open topped system uses the same material as their mats, giving a non-slip surface so things don’t roll or slide around easily, and is higher up in the front, to keep things hidden when the seats are down.

As all of WeatherTech products are, it is sleek, well thought out, and high quality.

Unlike many other WeatherTech products, this one is also an awesome price in comparison to it’s direct competition above.


  • High quality
  • Backed by a great brand
  • Different compartments
  • Fits under the back seat, and is hidden


  • No lid to the containers

3. Tuffy Security Products Underseat Lockbox

You remember how I mentioned I wished the Du-Ha above had a metal construction, and the WeatherTech had a lid? Well, this Tuffy Security Lockbox has both! This box utilizes the bolts for your seats to secure itself to the floor of your the rear of your truck.

It is locked up with a lock and key, that still allow for quick access as well! This would make a great box for someone that has valuables that really do need to be locked up when you are away from your truck.

Keep in mind though, while this is an enclosed box, it is not waterproof or moisture proof.

This is definitely one of my favorite boxes on this list if you are looking for something secure!


  • Steel construction
  • Lockable
  • Lots of capacity


  • Not quite as accessible as no-lid versions of under seat storage

4. Console Vault Truck Safe

The Console Vault 1040 looks considerably better than what this factory storage container looked like

Finally, something that isn’t meant to sit underneath of the rear seat in your truck! These Console Vaults are becoming increasingly more popular, as they replace your center console with a lockable storage compartment. They are incredibly easy to access, and have multiple different options to choose from.

The pictures you see here is actually from my old truck, as I had installed one into that vehicle and was incredibly impressed.

They are all constructed with 12 gauge steel, a drill resistant lock, and are all custom built for your specific vehicle, making sure to keep in account any weaknesses of your specific car.

These are great for keeping firearms for quick access, but can also be used for valuables, your tech, and even your wallet.

They also work well as a valet bin, to keep valet’s away from your valuables.


  • 12 gauge steel
  • Doesn’t take any space away from your vehicle
  • Multiple lock options
  • Very accessible
  • Easy installation


  • High cost

5. DU-HA Under Seat Storage

[Image courtesy of Du-Ha]

DU-HA Under Seat Storage is a must-have for your favorite hunting trip. Made from durable polyethylene, DU-HA will hold up to two guns or rifles and any other loose items you have.

Store your ammunition in one easy compartment and snacks in the other!

Plus, it mounts just about anywhere so you are always within arm’s reach of everything, even when things get hot and heavy action out on the range.

Choose from 13 colors that match all of your vehicles interior too!

So if you’re looking to increase storage space at your next sporting event, DU-HA Inner Seat Storage might be what you need today.


  • High quality
  • Lots of compartments
  • Many colors to choose from


  • Thinner plastic construction

6. Starling’s Car Trunk Organizer

If you are someone that needs a ton of space for storing items, and don’t want to put it under the rear seat, then this trunk organizer might actually be a great choice! It is extremely budget friendly, and you can store plenty of items no problem. I would keep this in the front of my back seat, on the back seat, or even in the bed of my truck (if you have a topper or tonneau cover).

You can also choose from a 2 compartment version, or a 3 compartment, meaning you have a bit of flexibility on what you need.

When not in use, you can fold this up and stow it away wherever you would like, unlike many other larger compartments that we have discussed on this list.


  • Foldable
  • Budget friendly
  • Multiple compartments


  • Soft sided
  • Not secure

Things to think about when buying interior truck storage

Location you can keep it

Before you do anything, you are going to want to figure out where in the cabin works best for you to be maximizing. In trucks, the most common place will either behind, or underneath of the backseat. However you can also change up the front center console, or find ways to hang storage from different places like the rear of the front seats.

Capacity of the unit

If you have far too much stuff you need to organize in your truck, think about getting a unit that will maximize the most amount of stuff. If you have something large, don’t try to buy something that fits into the console, and if you only have a few small items, then maybe under seat storage might be a bit overkill.


This may be obvious, but it still has to be said! You should be paying attention to how much you are spending on this storage organizer for your truck cabin. Set a budget and don’t go over it!

What you are keeping in it

Do a quick inventory of what you need to have in your truck, what actually needs to be there, and what can be removed and kept in your home. Once you have gone through it, figure out what storage you need for it! It should also be considered, if you need quick access to something, then make sure you have quick access, and isn’t buried somewhere in the truck.

Frequently Asked Questions

What trucks have the most cabin space?

Larger trucks will generally always have more cabin space, trucks like the F-150, Ram 1500, Nissan Titan, and the Silverado all have a ton of interior cabin space. However trucks like the Ford Ranger, the Colorado, and Tacoma are going to have considerably less.

How do you store things in the back of a truck?

If you have just too much stuff to keep in the cabin of your truck, you should be thinking about keeping it in the bed of the truck. There are some great bed organizers like DECKED that do a great job.

Can you remove the back seat for more storage?

Some people, specifically people that use their truck as a work truck will remove their back seat for even more storage, however you obviously will be losing a lot of seating. I have even seen people build racks into the back, for photography, construction, and storage for other jobs and hobbies.


I hope you learned something about maximizing storage in a pickup truck cab. If you just take a little bit of time and effort, you can easily keep you truck looking nice inside, while also keeping it organized! The key is to think about what you need and want.