Top 4 Pickups With Cummins Engines in 2023

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Known for their intense power, durability, and dependability, Cummins engines are most commonly used in commercial vehicles. Trucks that have Cummins engines include the Ram 2500, Ram 3500, Ram 4500, and Ram 5500. There will be slight differences in power capability for each model depending on the body style.

1. Ram 2500

This model is the smallest of the entire lineup, yet it comes with unmatched power. The 6-speed transmission, 850 lbs of torque, and 370 horsepower are impressive features the 2500 has to offer.

Perhaps the most surprising of all is the 19,680 lbs of towing capacity this truck has. In fact, the Ram 2500 can tow a camper and surf boat at the same time if need be. 

2. Ram 3500 

Next up in size is the Ram 3500. Offering over 1,500 lbs of toque, 420 horsepower, and the ability to tow 37,100 lbs, this pickup is a force to be reckoned with.

However, durability is not the only shining feature of this truck as it comes with impressive tech features. 

3. Ram 4500 

Going a step higher is the 4500. This model is most commonly used with commercial work.

The frame of the 4500 is thicker than the 3500 model. The engine specs on the 3500 and 4500 are the same, yet the vehicles perform differently. The 4500 is equipped with dual fuel tanks, ideal for long hauls.

The Ram 4500 is built with commercial jobs in mind, as the dual fuel tanks are needed for drivers that adhere to a tight schedule.

Furthermore, if the engine idles for more than five minutes, the truck will turn off automatically. Increasing fuel efficiency and maximizing convenience are focal points of this engine. 

4. Ram 5500

Finishing it off with the largest vehicle in the lineup: the Ram 5500. The max payload of this truck is 12,510 pounds.

This heavy-duty truck is offered in the Cummins 6.7L diesel engine. It also features AISIN transmission. The hauling capabilities of this vehicle far surpass any other model in its class. 

What Makes a Cummins Engine Different?

A Cummins engine comes in two options, the 6.7L Diesel and 6.7L Diesel for Chassis Cabs. This engine is powerful and often selected for drivers that need a durable and heavy-duty vehicle.

It has a 16.2:1 compression ratio, a 6-cylinder inline engine, cast-iron block & cylinder heads, B20 biodiesel compatibility, exhaust brake function, Bosch high-pressure fuel system, and Holset HE351VE variable turbocharger.

In addition to all of these unique specifications, the Cummins engine is top-rated. This engine has a rust-through warranty that covers unlimited miles/60 months. The reliable power from Cummins engines is best-in-class and features up to 1,750 lb-ft of torque for the latest model.

Cummins has engines for many different types of vehicles. The Ram trucks feature the best price for the features you receive. Let’s take a look at how Cummins engines in Ram pickup trucks compared to other engines in competitor vehicles.

The alternative to a Cummins engine is a Duramax engine. This type of engine ranks slightly lower than Cummins, coming in at 6.6L, 350 hp, and 700 lb-ft of torque.

Trucks that are equipped with Cummins engines include the 2021 Ram 2500, 2021 Ram 3500, 2021 Ram 4500, and 2021 Ram 5500. This engine has been a popular selection with consumers due to its outstanding features.

The incredible tow capacity of Cummins engines has been one of the brand’s most sought-after qualities. If you need reliable power and durable performance, a truck with a Cummins engine is right up your alley. Let’s take a closer look at the exact pickup models that offer the Cummins Engine.

Why would you want a powerful engine in your pickup truck?

There are a few reasons why you might want a powerful engine in your pickup truck.

First, powerful engines can provide more towing and hauling capacity, which can be helpful if you need to transport large loads regularly.

Finally, powerful engines generally have better resale value than weaker ones, so you’ll get more money back when you sell your truck.

Ultimately, whether or not you want a powerful engine in your pickup truck is a matter of personal preference. But if you’re looking for increased performance and efficiency, a powerful engine is worth considering.

Why do you want to pay attention to torque on pickup trucks?

Torque is a measure of the turning force that an engine can produce. It is often used as a measure of an engine’s power, and it is especially important in vehicles like pickup trucks that are often used for towing and hauling heavy loads.

The torque rating of a pickup truck’s engine will typically be higher than that of a passenger car, and this extra power can be essential for completing challenging tasks.

For example, when towing a trailer up a steep incline, the torque produced by the engine can make the difference between success and failure.

Torque is different from horsepower, in the fact that it is what gets the vehicle off of the line, and gives that low-end power. However, horsepower is more for the top speed and higher speed power for passing.

For this reason, it is important to pay attention to torque when choosing a pickup truck. By selecting a model with a powerful engine, you can be sure that your truck will be up to the


Cummins engines are climbing in popularity and have remained some of the most powerful vehicles on the roads today.

As mentioned above, the 6.7L diesel engine is strong enough to tackle whatever you throw at it, including a trailer camper and boat. With four different models to select from and more to come in the future, you have options to drive the most powerful pickup today.

The super-duty, rugged nature of Cummins engines vehicles are crafted for industrial performance and deliver on that promise— every single time.