3 Places the Exhaust System Attaches to your Car

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If you are looking into upgrading your exhaust system on your truck, car or even SUV, you probably want to be fully aware of what components that exhaust system actually attaches to, so you can be ready to do the job correctly!

So what does the exhaust system attach to? Exhaust systems on the front of the vehicle are going to attach to the exhaust manifold, and more largely the engine itself. Meanwhile the exhaust system is also going to attach in multiple places on the underbody of the car via hangers all the way to the back where the exhaust tip and muffler are.

1. Exhaust Manifold

While this is technically a component of the exhaust system, it generally isn’t a component that comes with a replacement exhaust system! An exhaust manifold basically is what connects your exhaust to the engine itself, and transports exhaust from the cylinder heads to the piping that transports it out the rear of the vehicle.

Exhaust manifolds come in quite a few different styles, and even have high flow versions! Most manifolds combine the exhaust from each cylinder head into a single pipe immediately, and then put it into the exhaust system, while higher end versions give each cylinder head its own pipe until the very end of the exhaust manifold.

2. Engine

The exhaust manifold itself attaches to the engine! The engine is what combines gas, air, and pressure to create combustion, and power. This power is then transferred into the transmission and then to axles and wheels (very simplified explanation).

This movement of power creates exhaust fumes, of which should not be breathed in, and cannot be burned again. Because of this, it needs to be removed from the engine, and transported to some where safe, which is where the exhaust manifold and exhaust system come into play!

3. Underbody of the vehicle

Finally, while the underbody of the vehicle doesn’t come into play on the operation of the exhaust, it does keep the exhaust system from dropping off the vehicle and being left on the road side.

Every vehicle is different in the way that the exhaust system attaches to car, however most vehicles utilize exhaust hangers to keep it all together! You will however find plenty of people trying alternative, not nearly as effective ways of attaching their home-made exhaust, which isn’t advised.


So there you have it! Those are the 3 different places that an exhaust system will attach to a vehicle in modern cars. Whether you are looking to replace your exhaust, repair your exhaust, or are just interest in how it works, I hope this helped you understand that it attaches to the exhaust manifold, engine and the underbody of the vehicle.