3 Month Review: Deckers X Lab KO-Z SNPR Low and Mid Shoes

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My feet are kind of a pain, they can be quite picky with shoes, and aren’t overly happy if I don’t have the right ones. That is also why I think they make some of the best feet to review shoes, and to see if shoes are made with the right support and give enough comfort.

With that said, Deckers X Lab was kind enough to send me out a Mid and a Low version of their KO-Z SNPR shoes free of charge to be put to the test!

We do our best here to fully review products like this, and have spent around 3 months using these shoes to find everything there is to know about them, and let you know our thoughts!

Deckers X Lab KO-Z SNPR


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The low versions of these shoes have become my go-to shoe for everyday usage, and the mid versions have become my inside shoes as they are more suited for that. Both of these shoes are incredibly comfortable, easy to put on, easy to take off, and are much higher quality than the price point that they are at. It’s not often I have shoes that I like quite as much as these two stylish pairs of shoes.


So what are the KO-Z SNPR shoes?

The KO-Z SNPR shoes are a combination of slippers and normal shoes. You will find fur lining and a build of a slipper on the top, and you will find the grip and sole of a capable on-the-town type shoe on the bottom. These are meant to be incredibly comfortable slippers that can be taken anywhere, and they are truly amazing shoes.

A variety of colors and patterns of the Low KO-Z SNPR [Photo courtesy of Deckers X Lab]

It may sound strange, but these shoes are shoes I have been on the hunt for, for over a decade. I have always wanted a pair of slippers where I can easily take them out on the town without having to make the transition to regular shoes. These shoes are exactly that.

So with all of that said, let’s get into the details of these shoes!

What is the difference between the Mid, and Low KO-Z SNPR shoes?

I have the unique chance of getting to test out both the Mid and the Low versions of the KO-Z SNPR shoes! So let’s talk a little bit about the differences.

I was surprised to find that there was more of a difference between the Mid and the Low versions of the KO-Z SNPR shoes than just the height of the collar (the namesake of the two versions).

I have found that the low version of the shoes is better suited for everyday use, and the mid version is better for around the house. This is primarily due to the insoles that come with the shoes. Yes, that’s right, these shoes both come with two sets of insoles to use! One set of insoles is more suited as slippers, and the other set is better for street use, so you can easily change them out.

The Mid version [Photo courtesy of Deckers X Lab]

I found that the insoles that came with the low are better for the street, and the mid is better for the home. The low versions also have a bit of a different back side of the shoe, that is more akin to what you would expect from normal shoes.

What do I like about these shoes?

1. Comfort

First, and foremost, these shoes are incredibly comfortable! The mixture of good support and the wool inside make these shoes one of the best shoes I have ever worn in the way of comfort.

The shoes can be worn with, or without socks, depending on if you are using them as slippers or shoes, and both make some of the best comfort possible. I wear them with socks, but will occasionally wear them without, with no issues.

2. Quality of materials

For the price point of these shoes, I was extremely impressed at how high quality these shoes were. I passed them around the house after receiving them, and everyone agreed immediately that these were much higher quality than what would be paid for them.

If you are looking for something that not only is comfortable but is a great value, these are them.

The exterior leather is extremely soft to the touch, the soles are well built, and the wool on the inside of the shoe is soft and high quality as well.

[Photo courtesy of Deckers X Lab]

3. Easy to take off and put on

You can never go wrong with a pair of shoes that you can easily slip on and off! Both pairs of shoes that I tested are extremely easy to do this with.

That said, it should be said, I have found that the Mid version is considerably easier to slip on than the low version. While the low version is by no means difficult, it just isn’t quite as easy.

4. Warm but not too warm

The high-quality wool that is used on the inside (and some on the outside) keeps your feet warm when you need them to, but also cool when it is warmer out! After wearing these shoes during the spring when it was cold, and in the summer with close to 100-degree weather, I can attest that they are very comfortable in both types of weather.

One of the major benefits of utilizing real wool is that it allows your feet to breathe, and keeps them from sweating, even though they are wrapped in fur.

5. Water resistance

Seriously, what kind of slipper is water resistant? Well, these are. You don’t have to worry about messing up your new shoes with water when out and about, as they will repel water with ease. In the end, this is a feature no one asked for, but is extremely nice to have! It has given me a lot of confidence when wearing these new shoes in the rain.

What do I not like about the KO-Z SNPR shoes?

1. The tread on the bottom picks up rocks

The bottom tread on the shoes has a very cool honeycomb style to them (which I like), and there are some recessed honeycomb portions of the soles near the middle of the shoes. I have found that small rocks like to get stuck up in those recessed portions, which are kind of annoying to have to remove. While this is a small issue, it is probably my least favorite part of these shoes.

[Photo courtesy of Deckers X Lab]

2. The front of my foot moves around in the low version

The other issue I have is with the street-style soles on the low versions of the KO-Z SNPR.

What seems to happen, is if I walk for long distances in the shoes, there ends up being friction, causing the front of my feet to feel a bit raw on the ball of my foot.

It again is not a huge issue, however, I do have to plan and make sure I wear other shoes if I plan on walking longer than a normal store run.

Do these shoes wear out quickly?

I have not found these shoes to wear out any quicker than any other shoes I have owned. The leather exterior of the shoes stays in awesome condition, and the tread on the bottom of the shoes is still doing well three months later.

So what is my final verdict on these shoes?

While there are a couple of small issues I have with these shoes, they are by far some of my favorite shoes I have ever had! They are everything I wanted them to be and more. If you are someone looking for a great pair of slipper-style shoes, then you shouldn’t look any further than these!

It packs a ton of features like water resistance, quality, fur, and more into a stylish package that doesn’t cost what it should.