Top 6 Best Browning Gun Safes (Plus: The Best For You)

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If you’re in the market for a Browning gun safe, you’re in luck. In this article, we will review six of the best Browning gun safes on the market and compare their features. We’ll also provide some tips on how to choose the right Browning gun safe for your needs. So, whether you’re looking for a home defense solution or just want to store your guns safely, read on for the best Browning gun safes!

Our FavoritesThe Safe
Best ValueSporter 33
Best USA Made ValueSilver 33
Best Large Capacity1878 – 65T
Best StylingArmored 33
Best Tactical ValueMP49 Blackout

1. Sporter 33 – Best Overall Value

[Image courtesy of Browning]

The Browning Sporter 33 stands out as one of my favorite overall gun safes on the market today, and not just under the Browning nameplate either.

With 12 gauge steel, a 60-minute fire rating at 1400 degrees, a 33-long gun capacity, and of course being backed by Browning Pro-Steel, and a choice between an electronic lock, and mechanical lock, it offers a lot for a good price.

While the interior on this one isn’t the Axis Interior that I like so much (we’ll get to that in some safes later in this article), it still makes for an awesome safe.

I like what they have done with the styling recently, as they now have the safe in the Hammer Gloss Gray that they have always had, but also now in a new Putty Gray (this is what I would opt for).

In the end, 12 gauge steel is very respectable, and will do just fine for most people, in most applications! That said, there are always thicker steel options from Browning if you do want that.

2. Silver 33 – Best Value Made in the USA

[Image courtesy of Browning]

Now, if you want a USA-made gun safe, the Silver 33 is the thicker steel, nicer, Axis Interior option over the Sporter 33 we talked about earlier (you will quickly find that I like their 33-gun-capacity option the best).

The Silver 33 ups the steel thickness to 11 gauge (this is an awesome steel thickness), and the safe now has a 100-minute fire rating at 1680 degrees, and you can choose from the same electronic or mechanical lock, but now you can even get a biometric gun safe lock.

I like the USA-made gun safes from Browning, as you also have tons of aesthetic options to choose from, ranging from 12 different colors, and 16 different graphic scenes.

In the end, if you want a gun safe from Browning that is made in their Provo Utah facility, this is going to be your best value.

3. 1878 – 65T – Best for large capacity

[Image courtesy of Browning]

Are you looking for a safe with a huge capacity? The 1878 – 65T not only has the 65 gun capacity, but it also features a taller 72″ height, so that you can fit more shelves up on the upper portion of the interior.

This means you can fit your firearms, and the valuables you so need to keep out away from prying eyes.

The safe also has 11 gauge steel, a 90-minute fire rating at 1680 degrees, and the Axis Interior so you can easily adjust the shelves wherever you would like.

While I personally think that opting for a Silver Series safe from Browning is going to be a better bet, if you need the capacity that this safe offers, you really can’t go wrong with the similar specs that this one offers.

Just know, you are paying a bit more for the styling of this safe.

4. Pistol Vault Portable – Best Pistol Safe

We had a chance to review this little pistol safe quite a while back, and liked it! This safe is about as simple as it gets with 16 gauge steel, and a key lock, however, it gets the job done, and does it well.

While there are better options on the market (this article details those), this is my current favorite pistol safe from Browning.

That said, even on the list I just mentioned, if you are looking for an extremely simple safe, that just gets the job done, and won’t damage your firearm, this is an awesome option.

There aren’t many simple, straight-forwards pistol safes like this one anymore.

5. Armored US33 – Best Styling

[Image courtesy of Browning]

Don’t let this tactical styling fool you, this safe isn’t any slouch. Much like the Silver Series near the top of this article it offers 11 gauge steel, a 100 minute fire rating at 1680 degrees, and a high quality electronic lock.

You might be wondering what sets this safe apart from the other safes on this list (other than just the styling)?

This safe has the same interior, but has a gear loft on the exterior top of the safe. This is great for gear bags, accessories that don’t need locks up, or just to keep anything on that you would need around your safe.

Out side of that, this safe really comes down to a styling adjustment (a cool one, with an awesome spindle, though).

If you want a great tactical, USA made gun safe, this is the one to buy, and I would purchase it in the Puddy Gray color pictures here.

6. MP49 Blackout – Best Tactical Value

[Image courtesy of Browning]

Now, if you really want a tactical gun safe, but can’t quite afford the Armored 33 above. You can always opt for the imported version of the safe, in the MP49. While you may lose the gear loft, you gain back a couple thousand dollars to make up for that.

It also doesn’t offer the Axis Interior that I like so much, however the interior it does have is still extremely flexible, just not quite so much as the USA made safes.

The MP49 also offers a 49 gun capacity, 60 minute fire rating at 1400 degrees, 12 gauge steel, and a great name-brand electronic locking mechanism.

How good are Browning safes?

I have long been a huge fan of Browning. Being one of the top three manufacturers in the US has its benefits, as they have had years of experience refining the safes that they have to offer. This also means they have some of the best customer service, and warranties out there as well.

In the end, no matter what Browning gun safe you choose for yourself, it will be a good safe. They all are generally well priced, and offer a great steel gauge and fire rating for the price that they are offered at.

Are Browning gun safes waterproof?

Much like most gun safes on the market, Browning gun safes are not waterproof in any way. Because these safes are not truly airtight, it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep water out of the gun safe itself.

Are Browning safes imported?

Browning utilizes their Pro-Steel facility in Provo Utah for quite a few of their gun safes, however they don’t exclusively build their safes there, and actually have some safe that are imported in from outside the USA. Below we made an easy to read table, showing what lines of safes are made by Browning here in the USA, and which are imported in.

USA Made
1878Sporter Series
Armored USMP Blackout
MedallionHell’s Canyon
PlatinumPistol Vault Portable


I hope that this article helped you make a decision in which Browning gun safe you are looking to purchase. They offer plenty of great safes, with great features, at a reasonable price, and you can’t go wrong with whatever you do end up choosing.

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