Top 9 Best Quick Access Gun Safes (Full-Size & Pistol Safe)

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Having a quick access safe is a must for many, many people, especially for those safes that are used for self-defense.

So this article is dedicated to you, to help you find the best, highest quality, quick access gun safes on the market. We are not only going to go through handgun safes, like many out there but also full-size gun safes as well (many people need quick access full-size safes).

Then at the end of the article, I am going to detail different quick access locks, and the upsides or downsides of each of them, so you can know which ones are best for you.

CategoryFeatureThe Product
Pistol SafeQuickest AccessKonig Guardian
Pistol SafeHighest SecurityFort Knox PB1
Vehicle SafeVehicle SafeLock’er Down Console Safe
Full-Size SafeQuickest AccessBrowning SR33
Full-Size SafeBudget OptionBarska AX11780

Best Quick-Access Pistol Safes

1. Konig Guardian – Quickest Access

This safe is by far the quickest access safe on the market today. This is mainly because you don’t have to remember any codes, a key, or need to access your phone to get into the safe. That is because it utilizes RFID as the primary way to access the safe.

RFID essentially uses a chip that is implanted into a wristband that you can wear, a key fob, or even a credit card-style key. You then place that chip over the top of the safe, and bam, you are into the safe in a second.

It should be mentioned, for those that see this safe as familiar, that this safe is what used to be the GunBox that we have talked about quite a bit on the site, however, they have changed their name over to Konig.

2. Vaultek VS10i – Most options for entry

This has long been one of our favorite gun safes on the market, not just for quick access, but overall. It has many options for gaining access to the safe (you can choose for yourself, which is fastest for you).

This includes phone access, keypad access, and biometric access. It does lack the RFID that the Konig above offers, so if that is what you want, that could be the deal breaker for that safe.

That said, I feel like this safe is a bit higher quality safe than the Konig above, and the variety of access points makes this an awesome choice. If you want something bigger than the VS10i, there are plenty of other options, starting at the VT20i and even up to the MX series here.

3. Fort Knox Original PB1 – Highest Security

Now, if you need both quick access, and high security, the options above don’t quite reach what Fort Knox does with their original pistol safe. This safe offers 10 gauge steel and a Simplex Lock.

We’ll talk about what a Simplex is later in the article, but just know it is a quick access lock that doesn’t require batteries, making it highly reliable. Combine this with the thicker steel, and being backed by Fort Knox, it makes for a great option.

This safe, like many others on this list above, also makes a great nightstand safe as well!

4. Lock’er Down Console Safe w/ ExXtreme Electronic Lock – Best for a vehicle

Having a quick access safe isn’t important just in your home, but also in your vehicle as well! That is where the Lock’er Down gun safes come into play, especially with their electronic lock option. While other console security options utilize mechanical locks, this is the only one with an electronic lock, which means you can access it much quicker than the other options.

If you aren’t a fan of electronic locks, Lock’er Down also offers safes with Abloy key locks as well, which is essentially what police use to lock their safes.

Best Quick-Access Full-Size Gun Safes

5. Barska AX11780 – Best Budget Safe

Not everyone can afford a gun safe like the two we are about to mention, so I wanted to make sure the budget option was mentioned first!

Barska has been around for quite some time, and they make some of the best budget biometric lock full-size safes on the market. I am not a huge fan of cheap biometric safes, so I wouldn’t stray too far away from this one if you are in the market for this.

This safe can fit around 16 firearms, is 137 pounds, and even comes with a backup key (important for lower-end biometric safes).

6. Browning Silver 33 w/ SecuRam Biometric – Quickest Access

[Image courtesy of Browning Pro-Steel]

If you are looking to buy a biometric lock gun safe, and you want something reliable and high quality, anything from Browning is going to be your best bet. Our favorite is the Silver 33, which not only gives you quick fingerprint lock access, but also offers 11 gauge steel, a 100-minute fire rating at 1680 degrees, and plenty of aesthetic options to choose from.

While many biometric locks out there are backed up by a key, this one has an electronic keypad as a backup. Meaning, that even if your fingerprint won’t read, you still have another backup option that doesn’t require you to fumble around in your pockets to get a key.

7. Fort Knox Protector with Redundant Lock – Most reliable and High Quality

Fort Knox 6031 with bright red finish
[Image courtesy of Fort Knox Vaults]

If you don’t need insanely quick access, but pride yourself in quality and reliability, then a Fort Knox safe, specifically the Protector would be our recommendation.

You can option out a redundant locking mechanism on their safes, which gives you both an electronic keypad (for quick access), and a completely separate dial lock (for reliability).

The Protector safes also offer a 90-minute fire rating at 1680 degrees, a 3/16″ steel body, and plenty of customizations to choose from. You can even add extra fire protection, ballistic steel, added steel layers and so much more to your safe. Seriously, you should check them out.

What locking mechanisms are the quickest access options?

Biometric locking mechanism

[Image courtesy of Vaultek]

A biometric locking mechanism is a type of security device that uses the unique physical characteristics of an individual to unlock a safe or another secured area.

The most common form of biometric locking mechanism is the fingerprint scanner, which uses the uniqueness of an individual’s fingerprint to verify their identity. The example to the right here is from Vaultek’s RS200i.

While biometric locking mechanisms are often more expensive than traditional key-based locks, they offer a higher level of security by making it impossible for anyone other than the authorized user to access the safe.

All of that said, biometric locks do have a higher failure rate, not just in individual scans, but they can fail permanently and need to be replaced more often than other options.

Electronic lock

An electronic lock is a type of locking mechanism that uses an electronic device to open the lock. This type of lock is often used on safes and other security devices. Most electronic locks have a keypad where the user enters a code on a 9-digit keypad.

While electronic locks are generally more secure than traditional mechanical locks, they can be vulnerable to hacking and other forms of attack. As a result, it is important to choose an electronic lock with a robust security system, and is higher quality.


[Image courtesy of GunBox (now Konig)]

RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is a technology that uses radio waves to identify and track objects. RFID tags are typically made up of a small chip and antenna, and they can be attached to objects or embedded in them (such as the wristband to the right). When an RFID reader approaches an RFID tag, it emits a radio signal that energizes the tag’s antenna.

This causes the tag to reflect its unique identifier, which the reader can then use to track the object. RFID tags are used in a variety of applications, including inventory management, security, and tracking.

Gun safes often incorporate RFID technology to provide an extra layer of security. For example, some gun safes require an RFID-enabled key fob or card to open them. This ensures that only authorized users can access the safe’s contents.

Simplex Lock

A Simplex lock is a type of pin tumbler lock that uses a single lever to actuate the locking mechanism. Unlike a conventional pin tumbler lock, which requires the user to lift each pin to the correct height to align the sheer line and allow the plug to rotate, a Simplex lock uses a series of pins of different lengths that are all lifted to the correct height simultaneously.

This reduces the number of times the user must manipulate the lever, making it faster and easier to open the lock. Additionally, because there are fewer moving parts, Simplex locks are less likely to jam or fail than traditional pin-tumbler locks. For these reasons, Simplex locks are often used on safes and other security devices where reliability and speed are important.


There are a variety of quick-access gun safes on the market, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The best quick-access gun safe for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. However, all of the safes listed above are high-quality options that will provide you with quick, reliable access to your firearms.