Deckers x Lab X-Scape Wool Shoes Review: My Most Comfortable Shoe

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I’m not a huge shoe person. I mean, I like shoes and all, but I don’t get as excited about them as some people do. However, when I was approached to review the Deckers x Lab X-Scape Wool shoes, I was intrigued, and they sent them out to me free of charge (along with these) to test them out. I had never heard of the brand before, but after doing some research, I was impressed. And let me tell you, these shoes are incredible!

So what is the X-SCAPE WOOL? This mostly natural wool shoe is meant to be a great everyday shoe. It has DNA from running shoes, casual shoes, and a shoe meant to be unique from the rest of the shoes on the market. These are treated with a water-repellent layer, wick away moisture, and are built to have extremely comfortable soles for the pickiest feet (like mine).

If you don’t want to read completely through this review, then you should at least know this!

I initially wasn’t impressed with how these shoes looked and I wasn’t overly hopeful that they would work for me. However, oh boy, was I wrong. These have proven to be my go-to, everyday shoe for the past four months. They are some of the most comfortable shoes I have owned, and they are just as at home at work, as they are on a walk, or doing some off-the-pavement hiking.

Now, if that intrigues you enough, I will go a little more in-depth about what I like most about these shoes, and even a couple of things that I didn’t like, so you can decide for yourself if you want to buy a pair of these for yourself.

[Image courtesy of DECKERS x LAB]

So what do I like about the X-SCAPE Wool Low?

[Image courtesy of DECKERS x LAB]

They are extremely comfortable

Once I figured out how to resolve the main issue I had with this shoe (keep reading to find out what that was), I found these to be some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever had. My feet are picky, and I generally have to try on quite a few different brands and shoes to find one that I like, so I am always hesitant to get shoes shipped to me.

However, from the moment I put these on, I could tell that the soles had been well thought out, and suited to my feet very, very well. Not only are the soles comfortable, but the rest of the shoe does too. The rear of the shoe doesn’t hurt my heel, it is the right length, and height for my feet, and everything seems very well thought out to give you the best comfort possible.

The styling grew on me (a lot)

Now, I’ll admit, I was most excited about these shoes in the beginning, however, these funky shoes grew on me quickly. It is quite rare to see a shoe like this with the heel protruding from the back. However, this is also what makes it unique (and makes walking much nicer as well). With the orange accents of the version that I received, it is now one of my favorite shoes when it comes to styling.

These shoes don’t wear too much

Have you ever bought those shoes that looked nice online, or on the shelf, only to find that they wear out after a couple of days, and never quite look the same after that? That is not these shoes.

I have worn these shoes hiking, walking, into town, driving, and everything in between, and they look like the day I received them. The quality of these shoes is impressive, and I think that plays heavily into how well they hold up. This makes these shoes a great value.

They work on many different occasions

As I mentioned above, I have used these shoes on so many different occasions. Because they are so comfortable, I keep finding myself wearing them for any occasion, and I never feel underdressed, or overdressed with these shoes. If you are looking for a pair of shoes that will work for about 95% of what you do daily, these are probably going to be the perfect option for you.

What did I not like about the shoes?

[Image courtesy of DECKERS x LAB]

Rocks get stuck in the soles

This is by far my biggest annoyance with these shoes. While the soles get an awesome grip, work well, and are extremely high quality, they do tend to pick up rocks (and keep them there). It happens quite a bit, where I will be walking on gravel driveways or just pavement with small rocks on it, and I find the shoes pick the rocks up, and jamb themselves into the honeycomb style tread patterns.

Having these rocks can be annoying when walking inside, or on hard floors, as you always get that clicking noise, and might even cause damage to your floor. Because of this, you generally have to keep a close eye on the bottom of your shoes and make sure to get the rocks dislodged every once in awhile.

The front of the laces gets tighter

Now, this is a concern that I have never had with shoes before. When I first started wearing these shoes, I found that the front of the shoes was constantly adjusting, and hurting the front of my feet. What I ended up finding out, is that after removing the shoes, the laces have a tendency to tighten in the front, and you generally have to loosen the laces in the front of the shoe every time you put them on.

I think this is because the shoelace eyes are so smooth, that it allows the laces to move about.

While this is a small concern, it should be something you are aware of, so that you don’t discount these shoes for being uncomfortable due to this, as they are far from that.

So what colors are these shoes available in?

The Deckers x Lab X-Scape Wool Low shoes come in three different colors! First is the Navy color with black and white accents. Second is the Gray Camo (this is the version I opted for) which is a gray camo style, with orange accents. Finally, you can opt for the black-on-black version.


I hope that my experiences with these shoes have helped you out in deciding on if you would like to purchase a pair of these shoes for yourself. While they have a medium-high price point, they are an excellent value and are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I have ever worn.

After four months of wearing these shoes, I don’t see an end in sight for them, and I have plans to own Deckers X Lab shoes for years to come.