The Vaultek RS200i AR Rifle Safe is Vaultek’s Newest Product

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As I know I have mentioned quite a bit in the past, Vaultek makes some of my favorite gun safes out there, last year they had launched their first full size rifle safe which was awesome. Now they have launched its little brother the RS200i, the perfect safe for a quick, smart access AR rifle safe.

The RS200i is able to handle up to 2 rifles, and 4-5 handguns, which makes it definitely on the more compact side of full size safes, but that is a very specific design. It also carries over the modular interior that allows for shelves to be completely adjustable, as well as all of the plethora of access styles


  1. Locking mechanism – Multiple access styles – Biometric, Smart Key, Keypad, Manual Key
  2. Steel thickness – 14 gauge steel
  3. Fire rating – None
  4. Security Features – Notifications for tamper, able to monitor from smart phone
  5. Warranty – 3 years if registered for warranty, 2 years otherwise
  6. Aesthetics – Futuristic design, similar to rest of the lineup
  7. Additional Features – Humidity and temperature controls

My Thoughts

Owning a gun safe is imperative for anyone that owns a firearm. If you are needing something that is smart, and compact, but still needs to fit a full size AR style firearm, this is going to be a must look.

You get a lot of tech, a lot of security, and notifications for any issues that arise with it, no matter where you are.

Conclusion And Pricing

For the size of this rifle safe, it is rather expensive at just under $1000, however it comes completely full of features that a lot of people will want now days.

If you think this would be a great fit for you, you can shop for it on Vaultek’s website here.

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