5 Things You Didn’t Know About Flair Espresso

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As many of you may know, I have been doing a series with a lot of the companies I have been working with about 5 things you may not have known about them. In this edition, we have Flair Espresso sharing their thoughts on this!

I have been learning a lot about coffee lately, and have been trying to talk a lot more about it on my site, so when I began talking with Flair, I thought they would be an awesome addition to this series, as they create a really great, simple, and well designed manual espresso machine.

So with that said, let’s start! These are the Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Flair Espresso!

[Image courtesy of Flair Espresso]

1. From Biomedical Engineering To Coffee

The Flair Espresso Maker’s designer was trained as a biomedical engineer, who brought his attention to detail and precision to the art of espresso.

It is always really cool to see what inventors of some of these great coffee accessory companies started off as. Biomedical Engineering sounds like it would be the perfect background to create one of my favorites, and coolest manual espresso makers out there.

2. Prototyping to perfection

To perfect the first design, over 12 prototypes were created and tested.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I have every prototyped one thing, much less twelve different versions. I am thankful that the founder of Flair did, because it really is an awesome design, and has some great feedback from its customers.

I am sure it is extremely difficult to mix design, with the ability to create enough pressure to make good espresso, but not enough to make it taste wrong. Sounds like a fun task, that I am glad he did.

3. Kickstarting the future

Starting on Kickstarter, Flair is now a truly global company, with products available for sale in over 20 countries.

I always like hearing about companies that got their start on Kickstarter, because it shows that they had a dream, they were able to realize that dream, as well as be able to complete their promises to their founders.

Flair is in good company with other companies like KeySmart, as well as Oru Kayak that I have also featured, and got their start on KickStarter.

To see Flair grow to being sold in over 20 countries is definitely impressive, and I’m sure it hasn’t barely even started. I personally think Manual Espresso Makers haven’t even seen the start of what it can be in the future, and it will be cool to see how this growing industry grows Flair Espresso.

[Image courtesy of Flair Espresso]

4. From amateur to expert

The Flair is not just for amateur or home baristas, it is utilized in coffee shops and carts around the world and is used as a training tool by former US Barista Champions.

It is really interesting getting to learn and hear about the coffee industry. Unless you spend some time researching it, you may not even know there are different championships all throughout the world for coffee.

I am sure that the Flair is used so widely, because of its portability, ease of use, and the ease of being able to teach people with it.

5. Any coffee works

Last and most importantly, the Flair doesn’t discriminate! Any freshly roasted coffee beans, whether it says it’s for espresso or not, will produce delicious shots of espresso on the Flair.

Out of all of the statements on this one, this is definitely the most refreshing! I’ll be 100% honest, that I fall under the amateur (learning every day) part of the #4 on this list. However being able to use any coffee, as long as it is freshly roasted, is such a relief.

I feel like so many people out there feel like they can’t get into making great coffee at home, because they feel like they have to be an expert, or always have that crazy expensive coffee.

With a Flair Espresso maker, it is just a breath of fresh air (or delicious espresso smell) that you can use what you have, and don’t have to always have everything so specialized.


I can’t begin to say how fun it is to get to learn about all of these different brands in their own words, and Flair Espresso is no different!

Make sure to see Flair Espresso’s site to buy and learn more about their product. If you don’t have a manual espresso, you should definitely do your research, and see if it may be right for you. In the end, you can save a lot of money over buying your coffee from coffee shops and spending that markup.